Chen Tao Design Studio
Room 24-406, No. 1200 Kongjiang Road, Yangpu District 200093 Shanghai China P. R.
Phone: 008613817084153

Asianera started with the determination and belief that distinctive fine quality china could be designed and produced in China, the place which originally invented and defined porcelain beauty centuries ago. Rather than emulating traditional designs, we set our minds to developing an unique design style and product line which reflect an Asian vernacular within a contemporary context. After all, it was 1995. We felt this was the beginning of a new exciting Asian era.Fine hand-painting on bone china is our medium. Our passion is for the artistry of hand-painting and the magic of the ceramic body. We chose fine bone china for its elegance, durability and ability to carry a broad range of colors from rich, bright shades to earthy muted shades. Designing and producing for functionality is our game. It is both the visual and the tactile elements of functional art which we hope to bring into people’s daily lifestyles. As a result, fine hand-painting combines with the finest quality bone china to form truly elegant functional art for everyday living.The Asianera brand is now internationally known for its distinctive Asian Fusion design style. Our products are found in some of the world’s finest retail stores and luxury hotels and restaurants. We also partner with some of the most luxurious and cutting-edge design hotels and restaurants around the world to custom-design both patterns and shapes for projects. Asianera also produces for private label international luxury brands who are able to submit their designs with full technical specifications.Recently, Asianera has also launched two new sub-brands: Lian and AE2.The Lian brand is a natural development from our Artist-in-Residence program. For many years we have invited artists and designers from China and around the world to spend time at our factory to freely work with our resources. The intention is to nurture a learning environment and provide an incubator for new design ideas. In the process, our employees gain mind-opening experiences and insights by having interaction with creatives from around the world. At the same time, our invited artists and designers gain valuable knowledge about all aspects of the bone china medium directly from our employees who work side by side with them. Lian branded products are the results of cooperative work between invited designers/artists and our own Asianera artists, designers and craftspeople.AE2 is our entry-level bone china brand which focuses on dinnerware and tabletop accessories for young professionals and young families just starting to appreciate the joys of collecting and using fine china, and the fun of home entertaining.

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