Aqualisa Products Ltd
The Flyer's Way TN16 1DE Westerham Großbritannien

Aqualisa is one of the UK’s leading shower manufacturers.  Established nearly 40 years ago, Aqualisa has long been at the forefront of cutting edge shower manufacture, design and innovation. Initially successful with its revolutionary thermostatic shower valve, Aqualisa has since pioneered digital showers, as well as continuing to develop thermostatic shower technology and a sophisticated range of electric showers, too.  Today, Aqualisa is the shower manufacturer of choice for many installers and a trusted consumer brand.
In 1977, Aqualisa designed and manufactured a thermostatic shower valve that would change the British bathroom and British showers forever.  Easy to use and install, safe, reliable and designed to combat the nuances of the British plumbing system, Aqualisa’s bi-metallic shower valve revolutionised shower design and shower manufacturing. Aqualisa’s reputation as an innovator of showering technology was sealed and the company’s thermostatic showers swiftly became tried and trusted favourites with installers, retailers and consumers alike. In 2001, Aqualisa designed and patented the first digital shower, Quartz Digital.  Using a pioneering, highly sophisticated showering technology that sees the shower controlled by a remotely sited processor, digital showers have since become an established showering technology in their own right. Distinct from conventional thermostatic showers, digital showers have become enormously popular thanks to their ease of installation, compatibility with all types of domestic plumbing systems, intuitive functionality and more recently, green and water saving features. In addition to designing and developing ground breaking shower technologies, Aqualisa has also turned its attention to electric showers; the company’s Quartz Electric shower was instrumental amongst a new generation of electric showers that deliver enhanced performance and improved safety.  Showers with features that encourage better water usage have also been developed; all of Aqualisa’s digital showers have an optional eco-setting and the company’s Harmony shower heads feature an eco-spray pattern that is capable of reducing water consumption by up to 25%.

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