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an&angel = outstanding glass design brand, founded in 2004 by glass designer Artis Nimanis. The collections are developed based on the unique & next generation
technologies thereby resulting in elegance, quality and authenticity of
an&angel glassware. Unique and sophisticated an&angel design is now available in 25 countries around the world.

Our mission: To create unique and sophisticated glass design objects by combining quality, design and technology.
Our vision is to create design icons by embodying unbeatable quality and next generation technologies in the glass.

brand success is closely linked to the way we focus on our customers,
design and innovation as creation process, and strive to live up to our
reputation and values.

an&angel’s values are woven into every DNA of the brand. These values results in every our thought, idea, decision or action.
 an&angel’s values:

strive to create only excellence, therefore we can guarantee that every
an&angel product you will hold in your hand will be in accordance
with the highest quality standarts.

is our keystone for success. We invest time and knowledge to develop
next generation design products made based on the pioneering

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.
– Audrey Hepburn
agree with Miss Hepburn, therefore we aspire to create designs where
pure elegance lies in the simple shape. This, pure elegance will not be
diminished neither the time nor the touch of the fashion trends.

believe that an integral part of excellent design lies in usability.
Therefore we create objects that combine sophistication and lasting

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