Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH
Hanauer Str. 25 D-63755 Alzenau Deutschland

Alexander Shorokhov was born in 1960 in Moscow. Early on in his school years,  he discovered his interest and talent in engineering, drawing and design. As a student he consolidated his knowledge in these disciplines and accomplished his engineering studies in Moscow with distinction. His excellent results meant he was one of the few who selected to getting a good job in a state owned construction company in Moscow. After a very short period of time working as an engineer, he succeeded quickly to become a chief engineer and later getting the top job as a director of the company.In 1988, he began to participate in politics and became leader of the youth organisation in one of the districts Moscow. Because of his achievements and commitment, he was chosen in 1991, by the Russian president Michael Gorbatchev in a group of 20 „progressive” managers for further qualification under the conditions of free market in a sense of Glasnost and Perestroika. He attended a course in economics, which was organised by the ministry of economics of Hessen region in Germany. During this course he was studying German and English languages. In 1992, he founded a marketing company in order to sale and market the best and most important Russian watch brand Poljot. Not pleased by half-measures it was not long before he started to produce watches on his own in order meet high demands. This allowed him to apply and combine his talent and experience in mechanical design as well as his new knowledge of the free market.
In 1995, he launched his first own watch brand „Poljot-International“. This was followed in 2003 by the establishment of his signature premium label “Alexander Shorokhoff “. Nowadays, the small workshop in a small town called Alzenau, Germany is producing watches that are in high demand by watch connoisseurs the world over. Alexander Shorokhoff watches have become some of the most valuable and attractive objects d’art among all mechanical timekeepers.

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