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AJ Binns Limited was founded in 1937, when John Binns set up business in Great Marlborough Street in Central London. As the demand for Binns products grew, the company was divided into two sections to accommodate the specialist knowledge required for the diversity of its product range. AJ Binns Limited catered for the growth in the sports and leisure industry. Binns Fencing Limited grew to become a market leader in high security fencing systems. When Julian Binns joined the company in 1970, having trained as an industrial designer, he commissioned Kenneth Grange to design a new range of products based on good looks, high quality materials and the flexibility to suit a wide range of applications.The range was given the name Variset® and won a Design Council Award in 1972. From the original multiple hook system, the range has developed to include many more products, with design quality always the top priority. In 1997 the company moved to its present location in Potters Bar. Since then, the Reverse hook system, Coin operated cable lock and, most recently, the range have been introduced.

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