P.O. Box 1050 1810KB Alkmaar Netherlands

For many years AGU has provided comfort and sportiness on a bike ride for a large group of people. Every time we make sure that technique, comfort and appearance are combined and processed in our bike gear. The process from idea to a full collection of clothing is a long one, and never without struggles. Everytime though, we proudly (receive and) present the result of our efforts. For every bike ride AGU has the proper, high quality clothing, which has provided cyclists with a good feeling every time they hit the road.The heart of the company is the head quarter in Alkmaar, where a number of services for the subsidiaries are being rendered. The total financial administration is taken care of centrally. Also for some of the subsidiaries the logistics are taken care of in Alkmaar. The high-level ICT organization (administrative, logistic and commercial) is of course real-time supported by a 24/7-computer system, for the subsidiaries as well as for the customers.

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