Adonit is a designer of creative touch screen stylus pens for writing and drawing, based in Austin, Texas.  Their stylus pens ooze quality from the moment you see the packaging until you start using it on your iphone, ipad, smartphone or tablet.  Or on any touch screen device for that matter!

Sometimes it takes a while before a product goes from trade-show floor to in-store shopping and the Adonit Jot series of stylus’ for your iPad fits that bill.  I saw the Jot back at CES in Las Vegas in January 2012 and was impressed. Now, the full range is available in Australia and EFTM has checked out each and every one of them for you.Back in 2012 I described the Jot stylus as “the bees knees of pens for iPad” – and that sill stands today.  The reason I call it a pen is because you really feel like this is a pen in your hand not one of those dodgy “fake fingers” you’ll find on sale in most retailers as a “stylus”The point of these accessories is to allow you to emulate the normal “human input” method we’ve been using for all our lives.  The problem with the traditional stylus is that it doesn’t have a “tip” like a pen – it’s got a tip more like your pinky finger.Adonit have a whole range of options from simple yet effective right up to high-tech.  They work on all good tablets and touch-screen laptops including Windows and Android – and there is little doubt that’s a growing market!

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