No.40, Xuefu Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300, 30055 HsinChu City Taiwan

AcoMo technology is the only one biotechnology company focusing on developing infants and kids electronic products in National Chiao Tung University Innovation Incubation Center (NCTUIIC). Since stationed in the center, AcoMo is highly expected to be the superstar in bio-tech industry, not mentioned to be the represent of NCTU joining the 2010 InirCare ternational Taiwan Biotechnology Exhibition, but also get the approval and support from bio-tech venture capital repeatedly.“Easy to use and fully care” is the ultimate target that AcoMo Tech. research and development team aim to. Developing a series of “MIT’s made in Taiwan quality boutique” but also upholding the original intention of the research and development groups from the heart. AcoMo’s products range covers from required-oriented infant care, high-quality electronic design research and development capabilities. Parents can easily use AcoMo Tech’s user-friendly boutique which can give every precious young lives 24 hours 365 days up in close care carefully.

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