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The term “BRAND ESSENTIALS” define the core values ​​of the Faber-Castell brand. They are the basis for everything we do and how we do it – within the company and to our customers, business partners, society and the environment.
By preserving the core values ​​of our brand, Faber-Castell remains unique in the world. Our Brand Essentials form the foundation for a consistent brand management. They help us to establish clear structures and guidelines and to link all areas of the company and merge. In this way we ensure sustainable growth.
The competence of Faber-Castell based on our roots, our history and our experience and we use it to shape the future entrepreneurially. Through solid knowledge we achieve market leadership and credibility and ensure a strong, global communication and distribution network, which is based on fair business.
We want to make the best possible in all product categories and services. We take into account local market needs without losing our international destinations from the eyes.

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