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VENJAKOB was founded in 1935. Naturally by a master carpenter: Alfons Venjakob. He defined the company’s claim: build furniture fit for the world, with the right craftsmanship. The Second World War caused considerable upheaval, for our company too. A strong woman in the form of Josefine Venjakob took over the company’s management. She kept us on course in turbulent times.The company founder’s son Siegfried Venjakob joined the company in 1958 and took over its management in 1965. Its philosophy has remained unchanged: craftsmanship decides! That credo has been passed on down the generations: it is still valid today and will remain so in the future, too.In 2014, our 190 furniture specialists produced chairs and armchairs, coffee tables and dining tables, as well as living room and dining room furniture over an area of 35,000 m². Inspiring and endearing quality products that arouse emotions!

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