Hong Kong-based 4M is recognised as one of the premium brands in the educational toy trade. Since 1993, innovation, creativity and positive brand building have been at the heart of everything we do, together with a relentless commitment to excellence. By showcasing ourselves as brand-builders, we pave the way to forging mutually profitable partnerships worldwide.
Enabling children to play and experiment safety is the most significant factor in the design of our products. We support and endorse the on-going work to improve the safety standards in the international market. In the face of ever increasing levels of regulations, we ensure quality is maintained through regular testing and always reach the most up-to-date requirements in both the EU and USA. Pre-launch of every product is subject to rigorous lab testing that covers amongst other things like sensitivity material testing for wet paint, plaster powder, plaster block and glue as well.Customer-Centric mind customer satisfaction is vital to us! We create multi-lingual packaging and instructions, promise 24-hours response to all inquiries, make free replacement to all end-users’ requests. We not just sell products, but also service! 

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