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Established in 1999 to serve its global clients exceeding the highest standards, 101 Studio Limited is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality eyewear products. It is wholly owned by Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong listed company and a leading worldwide eyewear manufacturer of forty years. With the acquisition of a license to design Celine Dion eyewear products in 1999, 101 Studio Limited began a journey of excellence and steadily increased its brand portfolio. Today its licensed brands include Celine Dion, New Balance, Levi’s® and Jill Stuart. And its popular in-house brand, Public, adds a seventh brand to the company’s haute couture portfolio. The company will continue to grow by progressively expanding its brand portfolio. At the company’s core lies one of its many competitive strengths: its variety of model design and the breadth of its eyewear and sunglasses collection. Working very closely together with the brand and marketing team, the design team craft new styles utilizing different eye shapes, materials and colors. While the creative team ensures the stylistic content and positioning of the characteristics of each brand are respected, the brand and marketing team monitors the demand from different markets and general style trends in the eyewear industry. Coordinating an excellent, region-localized sales network are over 60 distributors who deliver 101 Studio Limited eyewear products to key, strategic retailers in close to 50 countries. The strategic choice of selecting retailers and defining how products are positioned inside point-of-purchase create added value for the brand licensors.

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