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Window cleaning made easy: The WinBot by Ecovacs

Cleaning robot WinBot

Glass is a wonderful material. Transparent yet stable, it not only revolutionised architecture, but also enriched our daily life in countless ways, starting with the simple tumbler right through to delicate glass sculptures, glass façades that let in light and protective armoured glass. But there is always a caveat: glass needs to be cleaned! Even fingerprints leave unsightly traces on the noble material. And so windows, conservatories and other glass surfaces require regular cleaning. The innovative WinBot window-cleaning robot by Ecovacs relieves you of this mundane task. Here, state of the art technology meets clever design and, in harmonious symbiosis, ensures that every window, whether with a frame or without, whether at great height or within easy reach, can be cleaned quickly and easily without leaving streaks. And that allows you to spend time on the more pleasurable sides of life. Without a doubt, this clever cleaning robot truly deserves the Red Dot Award.

Successful design without technology: SHAPL

SHAPL storage system for bathroomBut design does not always need a lot of technology in order to enrich our everyday lives. Sometimes, it is the simple little creative tricks that make for good design. The SHAPL storage system proves the point and in doing so won a Red Dot in 2015. The clever set consists of three 65 ml bottles that, unlike traditional travel toiletry containers, can easily be attached to the wall with a suction pad. This allows it to bring order, hygiene and maximum ease-of-use to travel and unfamiliar bathrooms. Incidentally, due to its volume capacity, SHAPL can also be carried on board flights in hand luggage, making it an indispensable accessory for business travellers and frequent flyers.

Environmental protection starts with the small/little things: Totem by Joseph & Joseph

Totem storage system by Joseph & Joseph
But of course the purpose of good design is not exclusively to relieve you of work – even if that is frequently a positive side-effect. Truly outstanding design can achieve much more – it can improve the world, for example. The Totem waste separation system by Joseph & Joseph demonstrates how even little things can help to keep our environment cleaner without being inconvenient to use. This clever space miracle allows you to easily sort your waste – without an objectionable smell and without the messy chaos of numerous rubbish bins. And that increases motivation to separate household waste consistently so that more materials are recycled instead of being incinerated – an important step towards a more efficient use of resources and improved environmental protection. This unique waste separation system is not only good looking and easy to use, but also pioneering in its ecological focus. All in all, it is an outstanding design achievement recognised by the expert jury of the Red Dot Award with the Red Dot: Best of the Best, the coveted award for the best product in each category.

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Magnificent design products keep amazing us. They can be everyday helpers, work tools, leisure accessories and much more all rolled into one. What they all have in common is outstanding design quality, which harmoniously combines form, function and aesthetics. If you are interested in additional award-winning design products, then have a browse through Red Dot 21.

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Posted on 24.06.2015

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