Moving around with baby. This way, it is safe, practical and stress-free.

Moving around with baby. This way, it is safe, practical and stress-free.

Whether you are in the aisles of the supermarket or making a short trip to a friend, you need a large amount of paraphernalia for the baby. The most important is that you must ensure that your baby is transported safely. If you are using a car, then a child’s seat is absolutely essential. If you are going on foot, you can choose between a pram and a baby carrier. When you arrive at your friend’s place, you require a place to lay or sit the baby down. In that case, the little one will be very happy in a baby bouncer.

You also have to think about its small meals in-between. The mother who is not breast-feeding her baby, must not forget to take the bottle and milk and the bottle warmer, too. Also, as most infants relieve themselves after being fed, a well-stocked nappy bag is a must.

Driving safely with your baby or child

Your little darling must be well protected while being driven and, aside from that, also comfortable. In order to ensure this, it must be transported in a child’s seat. So that the seat fits the child correctly, the age and the weight of the child has to be taken into account. This means that as soon as the child has become too large for the approved seat, you must purchase a new child’s seat that is suitable for its age. Red Dot has solved this problem for you and has discovered a seat that is suitable for your child from its birth up to the time it weighs 36 kilos.

With the Every Stage from Joie, you can take your child safely along in your car, up to the time it is twelve years old. This practical child’s seat is suited for the baby facing backwards when it is very small and can be converted to a seat that points forwards when the child is larger. The headrest can be adjusted to ten different positions to which the side supports automatically adjust and also expand. Different, integrated seat shells ensure that your baby is well protected from all sides.

Transporting the baby in a baby carrier for more body contact

As infants miss the close contact to their mother after leaving the womb, they require a lot of cuddling and a feeling of security. In order to give your little one the required body contact even when you are moving around, you can tie it to your body by means of a baby sling. In order to do this, you can either use a baby wrap or you can choose a baby carrier.

Red Dot 21 would like to recommend the Emotion baby carrier from Phil & Teds. This purpose-created baby carrier is designed such that you can carry your baby either facing your body or facing towards the outside world. Aside from that, all its component parts can be easily adjusted, completely independent of each other, so that the parents can exchange the carrying of the little bundle of joy without any great effort. The baby can be kept safe in it through the one-hand clip locking system. The integrated headrest, which can be adjusted in many ways, and the also adjustable crotch strap ensure that even a small child of up to 15 kilos can be comfortably transported. The Emotion is made of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified fabric.

Pushchair Emotion from Phil & Teds


In the middle of things with the baby bouncer

It is not only at home that the baby bouncer gives the mother the opportunity to keep an eye on her little one. While doing this, she can still take care of her other tasks. A visit to a friend is also much more stress-free when a baby bouncer, for example, the Bouncer Bliss from BabyBjörn, is put to use. This practical seating arrangement allows the baby to be part of the elders’ activities on the one hand and, on the other hand, it is comforted by the natural bounce and this keeps it occupied.

The 4moms bounceRoo can be designated as a very special baby bouncer as it additionally offers three different vibration modes, namely heartbeat, waves and bees, aside from mechanical bouncing. Besides that, it can be easily and quickly folded together and is so, ideally suited for transport. You can get this practical and, at the same time, stylish baby bouncer here.

Bouncer 4moms bounceRoo


A trendy nappy bag takes the fashion world by storm

Whoever is moving around with an infant requires a large amount of baby’s paraphernalia, which is best stored in a large nappy bag. However, even a bag, which must be able to accommodate a large quantity of items, can meet fashion requirements at the same time and can also appeal to you through its tasteful design. Red Dot would like to introduce you to a real eye-catcher, the Rosie Bag from Lässig GmbH.

This extraordinary nappy bag can be carried just like a handbag or a rucksack and it can also be fastened to your pram. Aside from a large main compartment, it is characterised by several extras such as the water-resistant nappy under-mat, an insulated removable bottle holder, a removable holder for small glasses and much more. It is not only eminently practical but, besides that, it also appeals to you through its stylish appearance. This nappy bag was awarded the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2017.

Diaper bag Rosie Bag from Lässig GmbH


Feeding the baby at home and when you are out

As your darling needs to eat much more often than an adult, you need to have enough baby milk available everywhere. During the period when you are breast-feeding your child, you can pump your excess breast milk by the use of a breast pump, for example, the BtoB Breast Pump from Difrax and then store it in the refrigerator. One who is not breast-feeding her baby can get infant formula from the chemist’s shop.

You need to heat the milk to a temperature of 37 degrees Centigrade before feeding it to your baby so that its sensitive stomach is not put under strain. The unique S-Bottle-Warmer from Difrax can help you in doing that. The milk heater heats the baby’s food to the required temperature in just three minutes. Through its special heating system, all the vitamins and nutrients remain unchanged and the S shape of the bottle that is part of the warmer, protects your darling from painful colics.

S-Bottle Warmer from Difrax
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Posted on 28.08.2017

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