White design products as gifts distinctly different from mainstream

White design products as gifts distinctly different from mainstream

Whoever is looking for a gift for his/her dearest is therefore well advised to adopt the same properties. Why not choose the present also in white, matching the furnishings? If the four walls are black, grey or even coloured, a white designer product incidentally is anyway perfect, as it provides a beautiful contrast.


Trendy white for a stylish home

The colour white appears fresh, clear and simultaneously noble when it dominates the furnishing and thereby provides as wall colour a good prevailing mood. White can be combined optimally with every colour shade and even a small dash of colour breaks up the “clinical brightness”. Black or grey furniture in a white painted room, presents a neutral and modern look. Together with cream, brown, beige and black, white furnishing is given an elegant touch.

Even with different surfaces, you can play with modern furnishing design. The mat suede settee in snow optics provides an optimal contrast to the shiny, white tiled floor, just as the smooth telephone on the rough, white painted natural wood table. If you combine modern, bright interior furnishing, you can generate, according to the shade of grey, simple elegance or purist cosiness.


Our recommendations

Compatible to this we offer elegant designer lamps in white which blend harmoniously with the white furnishing style. For example:


The table lamp Spacewalker Junior from the Belgian manufacturer Dark at night consists of soft, white plastic and is 42.2 cm high. The little man with the big, round head enhances not only every room decoratively but also illuminates it in a power-saving way. The cute visitor from space uses namely light elements of energy class A++.

IKEA PS 2014

The Ikea PS pendant lamp upgrades every modern interior with a particular space design. The suspended light is reminiscent in appearance of a spaceship or an intelligent space weapon and is therefore a must for every science fiction fan. Pulling on the cords changes on the one hand the shape of the lamp and on the other hand the light transmission, since when the lamp is closed, only a little light is shed, whereas the Ikea PS, when opened, illuminates the room brightly and at the same time throws futuristic shadows on the ceiling.

Phillips M550 Mira

A real eye-catcher in the living room is also the wireless designer in white, such as the M550 Mira from Phillips, which blends perfectly with a stylish interior in white and grey shades. The robust, shiny case has a minimalist white, arched design and leaves nothing to be desired. Comfortable ear pods facilitate even lengthy calls completely painlessly and others in the room can take part in the conversation by means of the hands-free function.


White technical products as stylish gifts

In times of the Apple iPhone, white has been revolutionised and is now found very often in technology. Away from the black, run-of-the-mill design, white products display style and niveau. Do you require a gift which reflects the zeitgeist, fulfils its purpose in an innovative way and in its flamboyant design is unrivalled?

Decide, for instance, on useful computer accessories such as a mouse, a stylish headset or even a monitor camera all in white.

scanner mouse Zcan Wireless

The scanner mouse Zcan Wireless from Systech Electronics Ltd. in Hong Kong in brilliant white not only blends perfectly with elegant interiors, it is also the first mouse worldwide with which users can scan texts, tables and images wirelessly and immediately process them with the corresponding Word/Excel files. Thanks to text recognition (OCR) of 199 languages, the practical scanner mouse with internet connection translates via Google Translate. Furthermore entire scanned documents can be saved in Evernote or shared straightaway via Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail.

Apple Airpods

AirPods is the name of Apple’s new, wireless earphones. By means of the integrated Apple W1-Chip, they provide particularly efficient, wireless communication which assures an even further enhanced connection and optimised sound. The earphones recognise automatically whether they are inserted in the ear and mute when they are removed. They are enabled for Siri and thus allow the user to access the personal assistant with two fingertips.

iCamera Keep

The iCamera Keep from iSmart Alarm Inc.  is not only tasteful but an eminently practical gift. Both as individual device and integrated in the iSmart Alarm security system it warns the user on the iPhone or smartphone in case of motion or noise. When in night viewing mode, photos or short videos can me recorded even in the dark.


Glass-top desks love white products

Particularly in the office, not only computer accessories but also white lamps as contrast on a glass top desk are very effective.

Lux Brooklyn

The Lux Brooklyn USB office lamp is streamlined as well as purpose oriented and complements purist furnishing ideally. The USA manufacturer Mighty Bright emphasises the table lamp of extruded aluminium, coated with a scratchproof finish which assures durability. The revolutionary LED panel technology is energy-saving and the light intensity can be regulated by a dimmer.


We hope you were able to find a suitable gift for your loved ones among the products we have presented. We would still like to invite you to rummage around for white products in the World of Design offered by Red Dot 21 in the sections office equipment and household items, which offer the perfect gifts suited to hipster furnishings.

Posted on 07.11.2017

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