Welcome to the garden!

Garden work

Welcome to the gardenThere’s no doubt that a garden means a lot of pleasure, but also a lot of work! Before everything grows and blossoms, you have to work hard with a shovel, a hoe and a rake. Depending on your plans for your garden, more or less work is needed. If you are satisfied with a simple meadow, your garden won’t cause you too much stress. But if you want an English lawn with refined beds, you will have to plan in some time and effort. Here’s some advice from us for all ambitious hobby gardeners: Particularly when laying out a new garden, it makes sense to draw up a garden plan. The plan is not just about which plants go where, but also about which plans are hidden below ground during which seasons. For example, the typical spring flowers such as crocuses and grape hyacinths are glorious to look at without a doubt, but only for a few weeks, after which time the empty space in the garden can be used for something else. It is easy to forget not to dig too deep and dig out the bulbs hidden in the ground. A garden plan takes only a little work, but helps you to always have an overview. This means that you can plant your garden in such a way that the different plants alternate instead of competing against each other while other spaces are left empty.

A kitchen garden certainly also has its uses, as home-grown fruit and vegetables simply taste better than the ones from the supermarket. However, this requires even more planning. Not only do some vegetables refuse to grow in certain types of soil, there is also the issue that some varieties do not grow well together and therefore do not thrive when put together with certain other species. The demands made by certain plants are not always obvious at first. For example, the seemingly unassuming tomato has to be watered from below. Watering from above causes the dreaded tomato rot. But it’s worth the effort, as fresh herbs and ingredients from your own garden give any meal a more intensive aroma. And for all those who don’t have space for their own herb garden, there’s the practical Herb Garden for the kitchen, which provides you with lots of delicious herbs in a fresh and compact presentation.

Garden enjoyment

Of course, owning a garden means more than just garden work. Ultimately, having your own “green oasis” can give you great enjoyment. With the lounger, a chilled drink (for example from the elegant Flow Slim cooling carafe from Emsa, which you can find in the kitchen accessories & household items category) and a good book, your garden transforms into a wonderful place of rest and relaxation in an instant. There’s good reason why garden furniture has moved on from the wobbly plastic chairs of past decades to cosy lounge seating areas that can almost compete with your living room sofa in terms of comfort. For that reason, many people use their garden as an additional room during the summer months, true to the motto of outdoor living. The garden is not only a place of work, but also a place to live in and in particular to be comfortable in. And it’s really no wonder, because food cooked fresh on the barbecue just tastes much better. And quiet hours can be spent in a much more relaxing way while listening to the birdsong under a canopy of leaves.

To ensure that your enjoyment of your garden as a spa, a party location or an outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to end when the sun goes down, we have discovered another special delight for you: The All-in-One patio heater from my beacon® brings warmth and the glow of a fire directly to your garden even on cool evenings. In addition to providing heat and creating an impressive show of flames, the multi-functional tower also has a cooling function. On particularly warm days, the electrical mist system keeps the air pleasantly chilled. That’s sure to make your time in the garden twice as much fun.

We wish you lots and lots of pleasure in your garden!


Posted on 21.05.2015

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