The sun’s back at last! Welcome spring with Red Dot 21

Outdoors in spring

It’s quite clear that spring is best enjoyed outdoors in the fresh air. Welcoming it in the open air is the obvious thing to do. And if you want to do something useful at the same time, that makes it doubly enjoyable. In other words, why don’t you get on with sorting out your flowerbeds or balcony and getting it ready for spring?

There is enough to do. The old, faded shoots of last year need to be removed and space should be made for spring flowering bulbs and fresh blossom. Crocuses, narcissi and many other spring flowers are just waiting to transform your garden into a sea of colourful blooms. Ideally, you will of course have planted your spring plants in the autumn, but if you’ve neglected to do so there is luckily another solution: quickly put the bulbs into small flowerpots and keep them damp in a warm room until the first green shoots appear. That may not be the conventional way of planting spring flowering bulbs, but the clement conditions in your home will accelerate the growth phase so that the young plants can soon be re-planted outside. In that way you will still be able to enjoy colourful spring flowers even if you didn’t get round to putting them in the ground in autumn. And because gardening is more fun with others than it is on one’s own, we recommend a perfect gardening set – My First Fiskars – to introduce your little ones to gardening in a child-friendly way. Incidentally, crocuses and other spring bulbs also thrive in window boxes (or in the Boskke Cube plant container, which has won prizes for its design and which can be found in our Living Accessories category.) They can also bring spring onto the balcony.

Naturally, work is not the only thing you can do outdoors in spring. So get out those deckchairs and spend some time just relaxing! With a cool drink in your hand you can let yourself be warmed by the sun and take the time to watch the birds chirping in the Twitter nesting box by Peter Keilbach while they build a nest for their offspring. That will really make you feel that spring has come.

Sun at last. Time to get active!

And if all of that is not enough to greet spring appropriately, then you can cycle out to find it. Now, fresh air fans and hobby cyclists can finally get their bikes out and actively enjoy the warm spring sunshine. So get on your bike. This way, you’ll quickly shed those remaining Christmas pounds. The exercise will also make you feel good and help you to stay fit. But in that rush of enthusiasm to go on the year’s first cycling trip don’t forget to stay safe. The Melon Helmets, which have won a Red Dot, will reliably protect your head from injury if you fall, guarantee optimum ventilation and just look cool at the same time. Don’t forget to also protect your bike – not from falls, but mainly from an unauthorised and unwanted change in ownership. The 5700 uBordo Grip folding lock by Abus is a clever alternative to the traditional, often heavy and cumbersome bicycle locks.

And we shouldn’t forget, exercise will make you hungry. So remember to prepare a sandwich or something else to eat that you can enjoy in the warm spring sunshine. Everything you need, from the well-designed water bottle to the practical sandwich box and the innovative snack bag, is in the shop’s Household category.

Enjoy Easter

On the other hand, what does it really matter whether you enjoy the first warmer days around Easter by being active or by taking a more leisurely approach? The main thing is that you really make the most them. And the prerequisite for that really is the first rays of sunshine and the invigorating spring air.

We wish you a Happy Easter and a visit from a diligent Easter bunny!

Your Red Dot 21 team

Posted on 20.03.2015

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