Unusual designer furniture and accessories for your home

With only a little money and by replacing a few pieces of furniture, lamps or accessories, you can get a great new appearance and change the entire look of the place. Through a healthy mixture of well-established and innovative elements that are either restrained or obviously extravagant in their appearance, you can achieve not only a completely new comfortable atmosphere at home but also a wow-effect for your guests.

Italian designer sofa: Uncle Jack from Kartell

The Italian Uncle Jack designer sofa from the Italian furniture manufacturer, Kartell, is not only a real looker, but is a genuine piece of art. It is the result of a special injection moulding process that has been further developed for furnishings. Through this unique technology, it is possible to make a piece of furniture out of a single 30 kg block of polycarbonate. This piece of furniture that is created out of a, so-to-say, single moulding step has no joints or transitions that can be discerned. The design for the designer sofa that has a transparent and soft surface was created by the French designer, Philippe Starck. Due to the plastic raw material used for its manufacture, the designer sofa is extremely light but is still very strong and is therefore suitable for outside use, too. Its lines flow into each other and the well-proportioned design gives a striking but classy feel to your living room. With a width of 1.90 m, the crystalline Uncle Jack designer sofa has a lot of seating space. Philippe Starck has completed the family by supplementing the Uncle Jack sofa with an armchair called Uncle Jim, which he has also designed. The two together meet every requirement for a unified, aesthetic appearance. A really great twosome!

Italian lamp design: The mesh lamp by Luceplan

Pleasant lighting is the alpha and omega for a soothing mood into which we would love to immerse ourselves and in which we feel good. Whether it is ostentatious or minimalistic, the lamp must be striking and should fit well in the room. Get really impressive lighting with an Italian lamp design of very high quality.

How about a new interpretation of the age-old chandelier? The Mesh lamp provides you just this look and gives your room and the atmosphere in it, a feel of the dramatic. The lamp has been designed by the Argentinian designer, Francisco Gomez Paz, for the Italian manufacturer, Luceplan in Milan, Italy. The innovative lamp is made up of a network of metallic cables. 120 LEDs are artistically integrated in the structure that looks almost transparent and gossamery. These LEDs can be switched on or off alternately. If you so desire, you can switch on only the upper, the lower or the LEDs that are arranged in the shape of rings along the sides. This amount of flexibility in operation gives you spectacular and a variety of results in the lighting, which is only possible because of the innovative LED technology. A real classic in a modern style.

Wellness in the bathroom: The Hammock bathtub & the Kaldur mixing fitting

A free-standing bathtub displays its optimal effect in a generously sized and crafted bathroom. The Hammock bathtub with its mixing tap has a lot of space in it and this converts it into a real oasis of wellness. The Hammock bathtub (designed by Rene Holten) is made of white acrylic and with dimensions of 2 m length and 1.40 m width, it is generously sized for two persons. Its clear lines and its external shape match the gently flowing interior of the bathtub, harmonically. The free-standing Kaldur mixer that is part of the bathtub is installed directly adjacent to the bathtub in the bathroom floor. It is made of gleaming chromium and creates a stylistic opposite together with the colourful shower head. The shower head has a comfortable soft-touch surface and is good in the hand. The well designed duo comprising of the bathtub and the mixer guarantee moments when you will feel at peace, when you two are in the bathtub together. A bathtub full of restrained elegance. A bathtub with lots of space for hours of relaxation.

TULIP – Fire and flames for outside your house

A fireplace that gives light and heat is not only particularly delightful in winter, but also in warm summer evenings when it creates a pleasant mood in your own garden at home. The TULIP fire ring designed by Andreas Reichlin  provides light for a cosy atmosphere, provides warmth in colder evenings outside and can also be used as a barbecue at the same time. Its outer shell is made of untreated steel and it has an inner ring with which all kinds of delicacies can be gently barbecued in flames at temperatures of 150 degrees (up to a maximum of 300 degrees). Due to a special welding process, the ring is seamlessly joined to the shell and this design provides for an even distribution of heat. The TULIP fire ring can be considered a new interpretation of the archaic fireplace. These fireplaces were a common meeting point in many cultures and they spread a comradely atmosphere around them. As time passes, the appearance of the surface of the TULIP fire ring changes naturally due to the effect of weathering. This only serves to emphasize its archaic origins. Get the TULIP fire ring for long summer evenings and barbecue parties with your friends and acquaintances, in your garden.

The elegant Belle-V bottle opener by LUNAR

For a pleasant get-together at a well laid out table, attractive table accessories are a necessity. Accessories that have been selected carefully, that go well with each other and that supplement each other harmonically in their form and colour, not only take over a decorative part of the arrangement but also make your guests, seated at the table, feel that they are being taken care of well. Starting with the salt and pepper shakers to the serving dishes to bowls for dips and up to corkscrews and even bottle openers along with different table accessories, give your table that special look. They also provide your guests with the appropriate helper, so that nobody needs to leave the table. For a stylish appearance for your table, the Belle-V bottle opener is a new interpretation of the traditional bottle opener that has been designed by the designer Jeff Salazar from LUNAR in San Francisco. Thanks to its soft lines, the bottle opener looks classy and has an extravagant shine due to its material of construction – stainless steel. This also makes it very strong and durable. Through its elegant and graceful shape, the Belle-V bottle opener is much more than its purely functional purpose and will certainly not find its way back into your drawer. The Belle-V feels comfortable in your hand in spite of its smooth surface and can open bottles of different sizes. A really elegant bottle opener that can let itself be seen!

Posted on 06.06.2017

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