Trouble-free food preparation – food processors make the job easier

Trouble-free food preparation – food processors make the job easier

As most people today have less time for food preparation than in the past, it is very useful to be have a food processor that can do the job. These electrical appliances quickly and reliably carry out tedious jobs so that the cook can get on with other things. Food processors take over laborious kneading, monotonous stirring, boring chopping and time-consuming grating of ingredients, leaving the cook with the weighing and measuring, as well as cooking, baking or roasting.

Splitting the work between Man and the kitchen machine significantly improves people’s quality of life. The time you gain can be spent on hobbies, visiting friends or just relaxation. Food processors are also good for your health. Those who, in the past, were often tempted to eat ready meals can now prepare fresh food in almost the same time. Apples and nuts for muesli at breakfast are quickly chopped up and even a smoothie with all its ingredients is no problem for the multifunctional food processor.


Huge timesaving when baking a cake – one machine, multiple processes

What is better than inviting family and friends round for a cup of tea and a slice of freshly baked cake on Sunday afternoons? To make sure that nothing gets in the way of the invitation, the cake should really be baked the day before. However, if you decide to invite people at the last moment, then you need to be prepared to get up early on Sunday morning and get baking! If you have to knead the dough, stir and chop the ingredients by hand, it is not only tiring, but, of course, also takes up a lot of time. A food processor can be of immense help. While it rapidly turns all the ingredients into a smooth batter, you can pre-heat the oven and put on the coffee machine. Red Dot 21 has discovered a food processor with in-built scales that can take over so much work and save time that you might even envisage baking something for yourself and your loved ones mid-week.

The Bosch OptiMUM kitchen machine is worth its weight in gold. The intelligent SensorControl Plus automatic programme ensures that every classic yeast dough is a success. Beaten egg whites achieve the perfect consistency and whipping cream becomes child’s play. The integrated timer allows you to set the stirring time exactly you need it so that the machine automatically turns off when the dough, mousse or smoothie is ready. OptiMUM is equipped with a 1,500-Watt motor which ensures it makes light work even of hard nuts. The Bosch OptiMUM comes with a large 5.5 litre mixing bowl so it can cope with the largest baking extravaganza. This kitchen machine stands out for its durability, sturdiness and a purist design which is why it was crowned as a Red Dot Award winner in 2017.

Bosch OptiMUM kitchen machine


Planetary mixer – high performance coupled with low power consumption

It is not always easy to balance improvements in quality of life with environmental considerations when it comes to using machines. By buying a food processor, you might save time and effort when preparing food, as the machine can process a large number of ingredients in a short time, but you are also unfortunately likely to have a negative impact on the environment because of increased electricity consumption. The more energy we use, the more we need to produce thereby affecting the environment. Add to that the cost factor. Greater electricity consumption translates into bigger bills at the end of the month. Red Dot has taken this dilemma to heart and has searched out a food processor that does the job despite its low energy rating.

The KitchenAid Artisan Mixer 5KSM150PSECD uses only 300 Watts, but is a truly powerful kitchen machine. The stylish food processor has so much zip, because it uses direct transmission. The robust kitchen machine has an all-metal casing and therefore weighs around 13 kilos. Even when kneading heavy bread dough that means it stays put on the working surface. The head, which contains the motor, can be tilted so that it is easy to position the mixing bowl and remove the mixer, thereby making cleaning very straightforward. The Artisan mixer is equipped with a 4.8-litre, stainless-steel bowl, wire whisk, flat beater, dough hook and pouring shield. There are, of course, other attachments such as a vegetable cutter, meat grinder or juicer that can be used with this practical kitchen aid.


KitchenAid Artisan kitchen machine


The food processor – a functional, but decorative addition to your kitchen

The design of kitchen appliances should be simple, as unnecessary frills don’t fit into modern kitchens. In general, food processors used to prepare meals are heavy and not designed to be taken out of a cupboard every time you want to use them. They usually therefore have their own place on the work surface. That means that a modern kitchen aid should blend in with its surroundings. Red Dot 21 recommends the Kenwood kmix KM glass edition which fits the bill perfectly.

This kitchen machine works with six speed settings and has an additional impulse function. The casing is made of die-cast aluminium and is stable and robust. The kMix KM weighs 11 kilos and does not move even when preparing heavy pasta dough. Its energy consumption is 500 Watts. The five-litre glass bowl that comes with the machine allows you to check the consistency of the content while it is being mixed. In addition to the glass bowl, the machine is equipped with the following standard accessories: beater, spatula, wire whisk, pouring shield, flat beater and dough hook. This stylish appliance can of course be upgraded with additional accessories.

Kenwood kMix KM glass edition


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Posted on 07.09.2017

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