Toy automobiles – playing pleasure for the young, memorabilia for the old

Toy automobiles – playing pleasure for the young, memorabilia for the old

Even if toy automobiles do not obviously belong to the first toys that humans had, they do have a tradition that goes a long way back. In much the same way, doll-like figures are known to have existed in the later stages of the Stone Age. In ancient Egypt, children played with animal figurines made of wood and in the Middle Ages, knights in miniature formats and rocking horses were very popular. From the 12th century onwards, toys have been used to prepare children for life as adults.

Where earlier, role play was meant to primarily prepare children to be future fathers or mothers, toys are used in a much more targeted way today. They are meant to facilitate the overall development of the child. The simpler the object is designed, the more it excites the imagination. That is what parents and their friends should think about when they present toys to children.

Toy automobiles with a minimalist design promote the child’s fantasy

Of course, young boys find automobiles with remote control, cool. They are then able to show off in front of their friends with their technologically clever toy. However, the pleasure does not last for long and the expensive toy automobile gathers dust in the corner, along with its remote control unit. An automobile that can do everything is boring. What is much better and also more suitable for children are the simple models. This is because the toy automobile with a simple design awakens the imagination and boosts the child’s creativity. The less the automobile can leave the confines of the house, the more the child can read into it while playing. Red Dot 21 has discovered an automobile for children whose design is attractive to them and also allows their imagination to run wild while playing with it.

The “Bonnie” racing car by Playforever is made in Great Britain. It is made of durable ABS plastic material and sits comfortably in the hand. The hand-polished high gloss paint catches your eye immediately and gives the small, blue racing car a particularly stylish touch. The lettering and a big number on it complete its unique look. Its paint is UV-resistant so that it does not lose its awesome shine even after many hours of playing with it.

Bonnie from Playforever

Racing car “Bonnie” from Playforever

The classic line from Playforever delights even the eyes of today’s children

Who does not love to look back at his or her own childhood, at the dolls, teddy bears, cars and planes that filled your nursery’s shelves? That which was experienced was imitated and processed through role plays. Fantasy too, had no limits set to it. It was not seldom that the doll was transformed into a mysterious fairy who could make magic, or the small racing car suddenly got wings and took you on heavenly adventures. Particularly, in the age when children go to kindergarten, it is important for them to be able to play out their fantasies. The “Bruno” racing car from Playforever, which you can purchase online from Red Dot’s partners, is trending right now.

The stylish racing car with its classic design, catches your eye immediately with its high gloss paint. It has a simple design and through that, it provides the child with many opportunities for playing with it. It is made of durable ABS plastic material and the racer will survive falls from the table in the children’s room without any problems. The UV-resistant high gloss paint ensures that the “Bruno” racing car can be passed on to children and grandchildren because it will not lose any of its stunning looks, even after many years.

Bruno von Playforever

Racing car “Bruno” from Playforever

Take your marks, set, go!

When the home becomes a race course, adults should keep away, because racing cars in the hands of children have unimaginable capabilities. Excellently driven by their small hands, the cars race over the staircase railing, jump from the sideboard to the kitchen table and do not even stop at the spikes on the garden fence. When you see the fantasy-fuelled game that your little darling plays, you will feel that you too are back in your own childhood. A wonderful toy car, with which you can stimulate the fantasy, the motor functions, the recognition of colours and shapes and the dexterity of your child, amongst other things, is the “Speedy Le Mans” racing car from Playforever.

Its high gloss UV-resistant paint in blue and yellow colours is colourful and child-friendly. A large number at the front underlines the peppy racing design. So that the small racer can give your child lots of fun for a long time, it is made of durable ABS plastic material. You can order it online, right here.

Speedy Le Mans from Playforever
Racing car “Speedly Le Mans” from Playforever

Toy automobiles – fun to play with and a decoration piece, as well

Some grown-ups keep those teddy bears, from the days they were children, in their bedroom cupboards. It lives out its dull existence behind closed doors. It would have been much better if your favourite toy from your childhood were to remain so well preserved that it could be placed in the cabinet in the living room as a decoration piece. That is no problem with the toy cars from Playforever that are made in Great Britain. Red Dot 21 would particularly like to introduce you to the Mimmo aeroplane from this series of toys.

The small red plane is painted with UV-resistant high-gloss paint and is hand-polished so that the highest degree of brightness is achieved. In order that it does not lose its classic look even after playing with it for a long time, it is made of durable ABS plastic material. The Mimmo plane by Playforever is the perfect toy for a child’s playing pleasure as well as being an incomparable memento for grown-ups.

Mimmo from Playforever
Aeroplane “Mimmo” from Playforever

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Posted on 08.08.2017

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