The right crockery for every occasion

The right crockery for every occasion

When we take a look at the history of crockery, we can see that something has fundamentally changed: Where one earlier had mainly cups to drink out of and bowls to eat from, today we have complete crockery sets that consist of flat plates, deep soup plates, special breakfast plates, dessert bowls, cups and saucers. Today, a qualitatively high-value crockery set must not only be functional and, in the best case, dishwasher safe, but its decor also plays a decisive role. This is because it is an essential component of decorating the dining table and which can be changed at every occasion.

Small cups and saucers for a relaxed cup of coffee

A pretty coffee set consisting of small plates, cups and saucers is essential for a well laid coffee table. It doesn’t matter if it is your birthday, communion or confirmation or just a nice afternoon with friends – it is the first eye-catcher on the table. It can be made perfect through the use of nice-looking accessories. A beautiful tablecloth or a narrow table runner completes the entire look of a lovingly decorated table just as much as small vases with flowers and tea lights. Especially decorative cake stands are particularly suitable to present your cake on the table, while the right cutlery for a relaxed coffee session must have pastry forks and small teaspoons.

The colour selected for the table accessories and the napkins will depend upon the colour of the coffee set and that is available in countless colours. They are available in various shades of black and grey, green or lilac. Colour combinations of black and white, blue and white and green and white are not to everybody’s taste, but are trendy in any case. The tea and coffee set from the well-known manufacturer, WMF, follows this trend. The base colour of the décor is white and this is set-off with a simple black raised line which acts as a unifying design characteristic. The design was created from the quill of the well-known designer, Michael Michalsky. The set consists of six plates (Ø 23 cm) and six cups (240 ml, each with its respective saucer. The hard porcelain that has been used in the manufacture guarantees the highest degree of cut, impact and scratch resistance – made in Germany.

Michalsky Tableware Collection from WMF

Michalsky Tableware Collection from WMF

The right dining set for an exclusive lunch or dinner

A dining set for a lunch or dinner is significantly different from tea and coffee sets. It can also consist of many more individual items: From small quarter plates for serving salads, to deep soup plates or soup bowls and large, flat full plates for the main dish and up to dessert plates or bowls, depending on what you like and which and how many different courses are planned. The cups can be omitted and replaced by champagne, wine or water glasses. These are not part of the crockery set and can be purchased separately.

The cake stand yields ground and instead of that, decorative serving plates can be put to use on which delicious snacks can be laid out to whet your appetite. The decoration of the table for the evening may be made a little more exclusive and can additionally have useful table accessories such as bottle openers or salt and pepper mills, aside from flower vases and tea lights. What is allowed for the colour composition of the coffee table, is also applicable to the lunch or dinner table: That what you like and is fashionable, is allowed.

What never goes out of fashion is classic, simple white porcelain crockery. The reason for that is just that it is suitable for every occasion. It looks classy and allows you the most choice with regard to the colours you may choose for decorating your table. A beautiful example is the Mood Collection from Asa Selection GmbH, which has a simple but edgy design with its curved lines.

Mood from Asa Selection

Mood from Asa Selection

An alternative to white crockery and for all those who prefer patterns, there are unusual designs with floral patterns that are also trending nowadays. With an attention to detail, delicate flowers decorate the plates, bowls and cups of the dining set with brilliant colour combinations. This is the case in the dining set, Artesano Provencal from Villeroy Boch, with which you can bring a touch of the Provence into your home. Its wonderful designs, which integrate perfectly into the “back to basics” trend for living, are inspired by the flowers and herbs of the Provence – rosemary, wild roses and lavender. It can also just as well mean “back to nature” and it underscores the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) principle. You can get a mediterranean flair into your house with the Artesano Provencal.

Artesano Provencal from Villeroy Boch

Artesano Provencal from Villeroy Boch

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Posted on 31.07.2017

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