The perfect grill for an evening barbecue with friends

The perfect grill for an evening barbecue with friends

That’s precisely the right time to look for new barbecue recipes. The internet is crammed with advice from various barbecuing professionals with instructions for the perfect barbecue, encouraging us to be creative and making sure that we keep our grill and accessories at the ready for the barbecue season. Read on to find out what not to forget for your perfect evening barbecue and for unusual ideas to change things up a little.

Charcoal, gas or electric table grill?

Opinion is divided among barbecue fans as to what type of grill delivers the best result. Fans of traditional charcoal grills believe that the smoke of the burnt wood adds a specific flavour that makes the meat even tastier. But it takes some time to get the grill up to temperature. During this time, at least one person has become the designated grill master, with the bothersome task of constantly checking the temperature. Once the meat and vegetables make it onto the grill, it is then his or her job to continuously check when they are cooked or make sure they don’t get burnt or forgotten.

There are countless types of gas grills – from the classic kettle grill for beginners to the fixed grill station as an open-air kitchen with several burners that all work like cooking on a gas oven. They are generally started using an electronic starter that sparks. This has the advantage that the desired temperature can be achieved quickly and regulated at any time. There are models with and without a lid, which are suitable for direct and indirect grilling. The food is usually cooked on a grate or a grill plate made from stainless steel or cast iron. For indirect grilling, the lid is kept closed. The heat is distributed evenly under the lid, the cooking time is generally shorter and the meat stays wonderfully tender. Gas barbecues are usually mounted on a fixed station on a balcony, patio or in a garden and not used for on the go because of the gas cartridges needed. Gas barbecues are easier to clean because they don’t involve ashes and embers.

An electric table grill is not suited for mobile use either, because it needs electricity. As a result, it is not suited to saving energy. Instead it is handy and ready for use immediately, as the desired temperature is achieved very rapidly. But its biggest advantage is how it is used: it is simply placed in the middle of the table. No-one has to leave the table to keep an eye on the food and everyone can help themselves. However, you will generally have to forego the smoky taste of the meat created by charcoal.

We recommend: Charcoal table grill from Lotus Grill

That’s unless you choose a grill that can do both, i.e. it uses charcoal and is placed on the table but is not electric. The charcoal table grill from LotusGrill ticks all of these boxes. The integrated battery-powered fan that constantly fans the embers means there is no need to preheat, and a perfect grill temperature is achieved after just a few minutes.
Its design comprises a separate internal container that prevents embers from falling out and flying sparks, leaving you to barbecue on the table without any concern.

The designer grill is equally suited to indoor use, because it inhibits smoke formation by means of an internal dish that collects any dripping grease.

Gas kettle grill for direct and indirect grilling

If you prefer a gas-fired grill for direct and indirect grilling, we recommend the Outdoorchef Gasgrill
Outdoorchef Gasgrill *
The closed grill with a lid – also known as a kettle grill – is fitted with a high-quality coated grid, an integrated drip fat pan and a porcelain-enamelled 1-ring burner system with an electrical multi-ignition and a rotatable Easy Flip funnel. Get the outdoor kettle grill for a tasty barbecue experience on your balcony or patio.

Sensible accessories for more fun when grilling

You should always have a barbecue tongs at hand for turning or removing the food from the grill. Meat or sausages are particularly easy to grip using a tongs. Depending on which grill you use, we also recommend using a barbecue glove like the
Barbecue glove from Rösle *
These protect your hands and arms from heat and flying sparks. To protect not only from heat but also from dirt and grease residue when grilling, use an apron, for example the Gaba Gaba barbeque apron made from Argentinian smooth leather. It sits close to your body, is available in different sizes and is durable and supple.

Gaba Gaba barbecue apron *

Grilling with vegetable skewers

To have something else apart from meat at a barbecue, home-made vegetable skewers are the answer to bringing some variety to the table, and are also suitable for vegetarians. The vegetable chunks are pushed onto wooden skewers piece by piece, but these skewers are usually not very sturdy. Trying to grasp the end of the wooden skewer with the tongs can test one’s patience, with the occasional vegetable chunk threatening to slide off the skewer after several awkward attempts at turning it. Additionally, the numerous turning manoeuvres with the tongs could cause tiny splinters of wood to break off the skewer and get stuck in the vegetables. To avoid this while at the same time protecting the environment and serving the skewer in one piece, we recommend the innovative
Fusionbrands Grill Comb
The grill comb replaces the skewer and allows you to place the vegetables on the teeth of the comb in a row. It is made from high-quality stainless steel, is reusable and dishwasher safe. Barbecues are just more fun with the Fusionbrands Grill Comb.

Gentle cleaning with a barbecue brush

When all your friends have been fed and the barbecue evening is coming to an end, that’s when the work starts, as the equipment has to be cleaned. Grease and remnants of meat often stick stubbornly to the grill, making it difficult to clean. In such cases it is helpful to have a special cleaning brush to hand with brass bristles that gently clean parts of the grill that are difficult to access, for example the Outdoorchef Triangle Brush *

Post-barbecue fire pit

Spring evenings are still quite chilly, so its important to consider a fire that will continue to give out heat after the barbecue. Once the charcoal is spent, it often gets cold quickly. Continuing to add fuel to the grill just for heat is not a particularly elegant solution. For a cosy end to your evening barbecue, you can replace the source of heat with the stainless steel
FireGlobe fire bowl from Eva Solo
Its wind-protected domed shape prevents any flying sparks and makes it perfect for use on a balcony or patio. The FireGlobe guarantees a cosy atmosphere with a pleasant warmth.

Posted on 01.06.2017

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