Tea-related gifts – stylish presents for special people

Tea-related gifts – stylish presents for special people

You are sure to make those around you happy with such a stylish gift, which is fitting for the colder time of year. And an exclusive tea-related gift is just as certain to please a business partner as a friend or a connoisseur. There are lots of lovely, innovative design products for people who are into tea and like to drink tea that we are delighted to introduce to you below.


Brewing tea: With the practical and stylish tea-ball

For optimum tea enjoyment, you need to pay attention not just to the variety of tea but also to how this healthy hot drink is brewed. While it is easy to quickly hang a teabag in a cup or a teapot, this is not the way to get the best taste result. This infusion drink gets a much finer and more intense taste when you use loose-leaf tea. You can even use a tea filter or a tea egg to determine the volume used.

The major advantage of a tea egg or the tea-ball compared to a tea filter is that it is also perfectly suited to single portions. Also, it doesn’t create any unnecessary waste, thus protecting the environment. It can be used over and over after simply rinsing it under running water. As a result, anyone who is passionate about drinking tea will be delighted to receive this little gadget as an Advent gift.

Magisso Magnetic Teeball

The Magnetic Tea Ball from Magisso is a particularly aesthetically pleasing yet functional product. After filling the teapot, the tasteful tea-ball in black or green can be attached to the inside of the teapot lid using its sucker. Once the pot is full and the lid is on, the ball is suspended in the hot water and the tea is brewed. Once the desired brewing time has elapsed, lift the ball using a spoon and press it to the sucker. It will stick by itself, putting an end to drips on your table.


The tea assortment gift box guarantees diverse tea enjoyment

To match the tasteful tea accessories and make sure the recipient can use them right away, you can also add the tea itself to the gift. But the plethora of varieties and herbal mixtures available means that it is not always easy to know the tastes of business partners, colleagues or friends in this area.

Even the four well-known tea varieties, namely black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong, are available in different varieties depending on where it is grown. Then there are the different herbs, fruits and blossoms that can also be brewed. Depending on someone’s mood or state of mind, a different variety or mix might be suitable for helping them relax or giving them energy. An assortment with different varieties is thus the perfect tea-related gift, as it has something for every taste and every situation.

Right on time for Advent, the gift set from Hallinger* offers 24 different gourmet mixes that are bottled by hand in small 30 ml jars. From “Seduction”, “Wellness oasis” or “Alpine meadow” to “Fountain of youth” or “Happiness”, every day from the 1st of December to Christmas Eve can be rounded off with a different, interesting tea variety. This varied and exclusive tea-related gift contains only the finest of ingredients, and all varieties are free from preservatives.


At the top of the post you can see the modern Eva tea set by Maia Ming Designs, formerly a participant of the Red Dot Design Award. We hope that you were able to find a tasteful gift for business partners or friends amongst the products introduced here. If you need a larger selection to base your decision on, however, the tea accessories category in the kitchen accessories & tableware section of Red Dot 21 features other unusual gift ideas relating to tea.

We hope you enjoying browsing and gifting the exclusive tea products.

Posted on 04.12.2017

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