Suitable tableware for the World Cup 2018

Suitable tableware for the World Cup 2018

Deciding against a public viewing or a visit to a bar also means that you are going to have to put in some more work, since as a host, you will have to cater to the creature comforts of your guests. For it is certain that none of them would like to give up a chilled beverage during the football match or go home with an empty stomach. Small snacks such as chips, nuts or wine gum often do the trick. That is if you haven’t already invited them over for barbecuing. In that case, you must be aware that being the host, you must assume the role of the grill chef yourself and in all probability will therefore be missing a major part of the game. Hence, it is better that you plan a separate Evening barbecue with friends.

If you decide to go only for the small snacks, it would be a good idea for you to invest some time in advance for the proper presentation of food and drinks. Are you confused about the drinks that your friends prefer? Be prepared for the varying tastes of your friends and keep the appropriate glasses ready. You can also arrange a spread of multiple small bowls or containers with different foods on the living room table to deal with those little hunger pangs. Also make sure to have a bottle opener available for the beer and wine drinkers.

We would like to propose a few suggestions here for tableware for the World Cup 2018:


Shot and beer glasses: Say cheers for every goal!

Delicious beer is a part of the World Cup game for several fans, as each goal calls for a “Bottoms up!” as a befitting celebration of one’s favourite team. Surprise your friends during a goal by buying a round, for instance, with the Paddle glass collection by LSA International in a colourful design.

Paddle Collection

Paddle Collection


Perhaps a few of your friends are craft beer fans? Craft beer is very popular and trendy these days. Your personal victory is already guaranteed if you choose to provide the craft beer glasses by Spielgelau to your friends.

Craft Beer Glasses

Craft Beer Glasses


Universal drinking glasses for the indecisive connoisseurs

There might be other friends whose drinking preferences are not known to you. For them, you can offer the universal Lempi drinking glasses Iittala, which have been designed by the Swedish designer Matti Klenell. The softly rounded, stackable goblets for generous portions are available in dark purple, pale blue, transparent or grey and are real eye-catchers on the table.




Snack dispensers for the occasional little hunger

Are your nerves frayed because your friends are hungry? You can place a few chips, nuts or other sweets on the table as a small snack for your friends to munch on from time to time. The PopSome candy & snack dispensers by Tomorrow‘s Kitchen are a suitable option for this. These dispensers ensure hygienic removal of snacks among several persons. Thanks to the patented Oxiloc locking system, all the leftover snacks can be kept fresh until the next game and until the next chance to munch on something.

PopSome Candy Snackspender

PopSome candy & snackdispenser


Waiter knife with three features

With the foldable Classic waiter knife from the Zwilling range, you will be well-prepared for the wine and beer drinkers. It is made of stainless steel, has an ergonomically formed grip by Micarta and combines the functions of a foil cutter, corkscrew and bottle opener.

Zwilling Sommelier Waiters Knife Classic

ZWILLING Sommelier Waiter‘s Knife Classic


We wish you a dazzling performance with the tableware recommended by us for the World Cup 2018. You can find other design products for the table under the Kitchen accessories & tableware category and more tips in our magazine article Preparations for the World Cup 2018.

Posted on 05.06.2018

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