Springtime: time to fuel up on fresh air and sunshine

Springtime: time to fuel up on fresh air and sunshine

Focus on safety in outdoor sports

Of course we mustn’t forget sports safety when enjoying the sunshine and the nice weather. If you go out into the countryside with your bike to fuel up fresh air, don’t forget to take your helmet with you. Many people deliberately forget their safety helmet, either because it’s uncomfortable, it makes them perspire more or it simply looks awful. The manufacturer Melon with its trendy series of “Melon Helmets” shows that this doesn’t have to be the case. They will win you over on the one hand with their perfect functionality and can also earn bonus points with their cool design. In 2014, they won a Red Dot Design Award. Integrated air channels ensure optimum ventilation, preventing excessive build-up of perspiration. The EPS inner shell and the integrated strap anchor ensure optimum protection. The padded chinstrap as well as the steplessly adjustable spindial system guarantee a perfect fit for all three helmet sizes. In addition, the Melon Helmet is very lightweight compared to other helmets, coming in at just 300 g. It goes without saying that you can use the safety helmet not only for cycling but also for skating.

Still reachable while enjoying leisure activities in the sun

Often it’s not even a lack of will power that prevents us from getting out into the fresh air, it’s our sense of duty. For many people, the work day is not yet over when they leave the office. Even after work, they are expected to be contactable. In such cases, a bike tour is just as out of the question as a short motorcycle ride. With the practical Morpheus Labs M4 BikeKit smartphone mount for Apple iPhone 6/6S, you can do your outdoor sports while still being reachable all the time wherever you go. The secure smartphone mount can be attached to the handlebars of the bicycle or the motorbike in just a few manual steps without any tools. The mobile phone is then placed in the accompanying case, which also protects it from both dirt and dampness. A magnetic locking system on the rear of the mobile phone case ensures that the iPhone sits securely on the handlebars and doesn’t slide, even on uneven surfaces. All connections on the smartphone are thus securely covered, but the buttons can be used without any difficulty. Because the manufacturer truly hit the bullseye with this mobile phone mount, it won a Red Dot in last year’s Red Dot Design Award.

A cosy night’s sleep in a tent in springtime

Putting up a tent and sleeping on the cold forest floor is certainly not the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when the first rays of sun appear in springtime. Unless you’re pretty tough, you are sure to catch a heavy cold along with the first rays of sun. There is also a solution for this. To make sure that an endeavour to fuel up on fresh air doesn’t end in a hospital bed, we at Red Dot 21 recommend the Lite Cot camping bed from Helinox. Although Cot Lite weighs just 1.2 kg, making it extremely lightweight compared to other camping beds, it can compete with a traditional folding bed in every conceivable manner. In fact, beds used for camping are generally only designed to carry a weight of between 100 and 120 kg. However, the sturdy aluminium poles of the Helinox bed can easily carry a weight of 120 kg. The cover is made from 100% polyester and is easy to clean. Not only is the practical bed very light, it can also be folded to packing dimensions of 55 cm (length) times 12 cm (diameter). You won’t even notice the additional luggage on your spring camping trip.

Fill up your body’s own fresh-air ‘tank’ even without sport

Those who love the fresh air but aren’t so keen on sports are unlikely to want to undertake sweat-inducing springtime trips. If encouraged with the prospect of a cosy day’s fishing or a fun game of cards outside, however, they will be rearing to go. Because you need at least one seat for a comfortable way to enjoy the fresh air in your leisure time, we recommend the comfortable “Chair One” camping chair from Helinox.

The folding chair features a DAC aluminium frame that can support a person weighing 145 kg despite its own light weight of 890 g. It can be folded together to a mere 35 cm x 12 cm, thus fitting even in a large handbag. The camping chair from Helinox is thus suitable not only for camping but also for a fishing trip or a picnic. It is so small and light that you won’t even notice it in your day pack. It is an ideal seat for reading a newspaper on an impromptu stop in the park, for example. Chair One, which has won a Red Dot Design Award, is ultra-comfortable, decrying the myth that folding chairs are never comfortable to sit on.

Don’t hang about when the sun comes out

Although the sun’s rays in springtime are not yet warm enough to wear shorts, you shouldn’t miss any opportunity to fill your lungs with fresh air. After the dry air of the central heating in winter, everyone benefits from breathing in the refreshing oxygen from nature. Whether you like to be active outdoors or prefer to enjoy the warmth and quietness sitting or lying comfortably in the sun, you will find numerous accessories in our selection of products that will make your first venture outdoors more enjoyable. Many of the outdoor products at Red Dot 21 were successful in the design competition thanks to their perfect functionality, and they also win bonus points for their unusual design. So grab this opportunity and take advantage of the first sunny days this spring for an outdoor excursion.

Posted on 22.05.2017

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