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Quality not quantity

Take a look in any toyshop and you will see an utterly unbelievable number of all kinds of different toys. Those more reflective adults among us are likely to ask themselves whether children really need all this stuff. And almost anyone who has ever spent time with small children is familiar with the phenomenon whereby toddlers in particular amuse themselves with an old cardboard insert or the like for hours on end while mountains of colourful toys gather dust in the playroom next door. It is true that we are not doing our children any favours by inundating them with countless toys: The sheer volume often overwhelms them, stunting their ability to bond with things and to appreciate individual toys, as there always appears to be a new toy just round the corner.

It’s a good thing, then, that more and more parents are realising (again) that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to toys too. Instead of drowning the child in toys, there are increasing efforts to instead buy high-quality items that will become favourite toys. But this inevitably first of all leads to a major question: What is it that makes a toy a good toy?

A good toy…

  •  …captures the imagination,
  •  …is safe (risks of injury or of harm from harmful substances are more or less ruled out),
  •  …is robust and durable,
  •  …is easy to clean (dirt resulting from daily wear and tear can be removed easily and hygienically),
  •  …allows the child to develop further (for example by means of social interaction, abstraction or in other ways).

Educational value in a perfect package

With all the talk of what it is that makes the ‘perfect’ toy, let’s not lose sight of the most important thing, which is that the child enjoys playing with it! Toys with design value have a clear advantage in this respect. That’s because the pleasure obtained from playing with the toy can be assessed as the functionality of the design, and these high-quality toys are geared entirely towards putting a smile on the face of their playful owners.

To find out how outstanding design can produce the perfect packaging for educational value to create really good toys, take a look in our category toys, where toys with design value for all ages await you. The creative products from Playforever for example will give joy to even the smallest of children, and their extremely robust design means that they will still grace the shelves in the living room when the children have long since grown. Older children and of course adults too will enjoy the language learning game Lingua Simplex from Amelung Design that makes language learning almost a side-effect of the enjoyment of the game. Anyone who wants more action can try out the Kartoni foosball table to find out just how much fun sustainable design can be. Here you will find high-quality products for every age group and all tastes that promise endless fun at play while meeting the highest of standards for excellent design.

We wish you lots of fun at play.


Posted on 19.02.2016

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