How to spend a rainy weekend?

Transform your home into an oasis of well-being

When driving rain is pelting your windows, there is nothing cosier than a soft, comfy sofa and a good book. To reinforce that sense of well-being, set out a few tea lights and dim the electric lighting. Use a scented oil burner to introduce blissful aromas into your home. If you prefer natural scents, take a few Christmas spices from the kitchen cupboard such as star anise, a stick of cinnamon and cloves and lightly roast them in frying pan. Leave the doors open and, in just a few minutes, the pleasant smell of the spices will pervade your home. To complete the cosy atmosphere, scatter a few particularly soft cushions on the sofa. Low background music and a favourite page-turner will let you forget the wet weather outdoors and allow you to escape into the magical world of the imagination.

Defy the grey weekend with a cosy tête-à-tête

Adventurous couples, who were prepared for a sporty weekend, are particularly hard-hit by rainy Sundays. But sportsmen and -women can also find a physical counterbalance to work in relaxation. Just take a different approach. Turn the heating up by two degrees and put a few logs onto the fire and your home will soon start to feel cosy. For those who don’t have a fireplace, a DVD of a log-fire can re-create a beautiful, artificial fire on the television.

And if you really can’t do without sport, then the rainy weather is the ideal time for you both to look at past sporting activities that you have recorded. If an exciting sporting event is shown on television, a pizza and beer or a warming mulled wine and a few nibbles for two will put you into the right spectator mood. Cuddle up and revel in great memories and you will soon forget the rain outside.

Spend an action-packed weekend with friends

If you are more of a social type, don’t despair because of inclement weather. If it’s impossible to party outdoors with your friends because of the weather, invite your friends back home. If everybody brings along drinks and a few good things to eat, that will keep the extra work down to a minimum. Move the coffee table out of the lounge and put up a trestle table against one wall instead, covering it with an attractive paper tablecloth. Then simply set out all the delicious offerings your friends brought as a buffet.
The space you’ve cleared in the centre of the room can be used as a dance area or you can all choose a game. There are plenty of entertaining board games – even for grown-ups – that will present a challenge to the skills, imagination and quick wits of you and your friends. They frequently involve little sporting stunts that can be carried out even if there is limited space in your home. Or you may have to use your general knowledge to beat opponents with clever answers. An afternoon spent playing with friends can race by so quickly and in such an entertaining way that you will look forward to the next rainy weekend.

Enjoy the rain and the freshness of nature

Actually, a rainy weekend doesn’t have to be spent at home. After all, today the clothing industry can offer the right outfit for every weather. With breathable underclothes as well as water- and wind-resistant outer-wear, you’ll be perfectly equipped for a walk in the rain. Remember your childhood, jump into puddles and make the water splash everywhere. Breathe in the wonderful, clean rain-washed air.

Watch how the raindrops create rings in puddles. Observe the play of clouds that gather together in dark cotton wool clusters in the sky and listen to the many different sounds that the raindrops make drumming on leaves, the road and umbrellas. To express your good mood in times of bad weather, we recommend an exceptional umbrella. The reflective umbrella by Suck UK brings light into dreary days of rain. The greyer and darker the day, the brighter the reflective surface of the umbrella will seem to shine. This flamboyant umbrella and its vibrancy defy even the gloomiest rainy day.

And when you have finally decided on a walk in the rain, the reflective umbrella has an added advantage in store for you. Despite poor visibility, car drivers will not be able to miss you. Just like the reflectors on bicycles, the umbrella reflects residual light and therefore makes you visible from afar. With the designer umbrella from the Red Dot Shop, you will be perfectly equipped for bad weather. Don’t let the wet and dreary weather get you down, but make the most of the rain! Enjoy the beauty of nature and resist the doldrums.


Posted on 09.03.2015

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