Smoothies are “in” – make the healthy vitamin bomb yourself

Smoothies are “in” – make the healthy vitamin bomb yourself

A smoothie is a cold, creamy mixed drink made in general from blended fruit or vegetables and juices, water, milk or a milk substitute. If freshly made, this fruit drink is a virtual vitamin bomb that is a perfect addition to a healthy diet. The trendy drink makes it easier to achieve the recommended daily intake of five portions of fruit and vegetables.

On top of that, when this healthy drink comes in a “to go” smoothie container, it can be enjoyed anywhere. Be it at work, in the fitness studio, or even on the Underground, you can give your body that fresh vitamin boost wherever you may be. Either just buy a smoothie from the chiller cabinet in the supermarket – because this vitamin bomb tastes best when cool – or enjoy a drink full of fruit that you’ve made yourself at home to your own favourite recipe.

A win-win situation: vitamins and hydration

If you want to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, then you need to make sure your body gets enough vitamins and minerals. This is not so easy, as just eating muesli for breakfast, a green salad for lunch and a lot of fruit in the evening is unfortunately not enough. Snacks between meals should also consist of fruit or vegetables; and if you want to vary your diet and not only fall back on the good old apple, then a smoothie is a real alternative. It is very easy to make at home and can be taken anywhere “to go” in a smoothie container. Red Dot 21 has discovered a really special “to go container” for you.

The “Dot” bottle with hydration counting lid by Joseph Joseph helps you to maintain your healthy lifestyle and comes in two sizes: 400 and 600 ml. It is made of shock-resistant Tritan material and has a leak-proof lid which means it can easily be transported in a rucksack, briefcase or sports bag. What makes Dot by Joseph Joseph special is that it counts the number of drinks you’ve had. Every time you fill up the bottle, a dot appears on the lid. This not only helps you to monitor your daily vitamin intake, but also allows you to keep an eye on how much liquid you’ve consumed.

“Dot” bottle by Joseph Joseph


Using a blender as a smoothie maker to make the vitamin drink yourself

The classic self-made smoothie normally consists of bananas and two or three other types of fruit depending on the “maker’s” preference. Someone with some experience in making this vitamin drink may try a vegetable smoothie or even a mixture with herbs and lettuce. To achieve the required creamy consistency, put the ingredients into the blender one after the other and puree them. Depending on the recipe, add water, juice or a milk product. If you only want to use fruit, a normal blender will do the job. However, if you want to add a bit of variety to your smoothies, possibly by using nuts as well as fibrous herbs and lettuce, you should use a dedicated smoothie-maker.

Red Dot 21 recommends using the Wolf Gourmet Blender. Its 2.4 horsepower motor allows the blade to rotate at more than 300 kilometres per hour so that even hard nuts and fibrous lettuce are turned into a fine puree. The four programme settings: smoothie, ice slurry, puree and soup ensure that you get the right consistency every time. The Wolf Gourmet Blender is made of shatterproof Tritan, is BPA free and the blade is made of hardened stainless steel. The blender won the Red Dot award in 2016 for its clean form and dynamic functionality.

Wolf Gourmet Blender


Blender with smoothie mug “to-go” – you can’t get more practical than that!

When you make your own vitamin bomb at home, a small amount often gets lost when you transfer the drink to a mug or bottle. Wouldn’t it be good if the “to go” container attached directly to the blender? Red Dot 21 would like to introduce you to a blender that does just that.

The Bianco dipuro Attivo Nutri De blender has two mixing containers: a functionally shaped mixer and a smoothie mug that can also be used for blending. All you need do is to place the desired ingredients in the mixer, attach the blade unit and off you go. Once blending is complete, you remove the blade and just attached the multi-purpose lid to the mug. Both the nifty “to go” mug and the larger one-litre mixer are made of robust Tritan. The Bianco dipuro Attivo will automatically detect the mixing container used and will activate the corresponding programme. The blender has 800 Watts and can work at speeds of up to 24,000 rotations/minute.

Bianco dipuro Attivo Nutri De blender


Colourful smoothie recipes for every day and every occasion

You can enjoy a fresh, creamy smoothie at any time of day: for breakfast, as a snack, as a light meal or as an unusual aperitif. So that you don’t run out of ideas and can be sure that the self-mixed fruit drink will taste good, Red Dot 21 has searched out a recipe book for you. In fact, our team has found a smoothie receipe book called “Smoothie Power: 80 Power-Packed Smoothie Recipes for Every Day and Everyone”.

The ideal combination for a healthy diet is a book of smoothie recipes by publishers Fair Winds Press. The book contains Eighty healthy and easy recipes. It will show you how you can improve your health and wellbeing in a very simple, fun, and low cost way.

Smoothie Receipe Book*

Many other practical smoothie makers and blenders can be found in our product range under kitchenware. Beautiful glasses for drinking your homemade smoothies as well as containers for “to go” can be found in the category kitchen accessories & tableware section.

Posted on 31.08.2017

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