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Innovation is a grand word. It immediately conjures up ideas of technical progress, artificial intelligence, cloning, novel ways of producing energy and suchlike. But innovation doesn’t always aim to reach for the stars. It can and should also relate to smaller matters. A visit to an international trade fair for inventors, such as the iENA in Nuremberg (from 2’nd to 5’th Novembre 2017) will quickly make the most stubborn of doubters see why this is of such importance. Even an age so dominated by technology as ours offers room for surprising innovations. However, nowadays many of them no longer reach the consumer. Demand for something completely new has been satisfied in our fast-moving world. But consumers need and demand innovations that help to integrate already existing products into their everyday lives and make them simpler.

Innovative glasses case

What exactly does innovation consist of?

More than ever, efficiency plays a major role in our lives. No-one wants to waste space in the kitchen unnecessarily just because the kitchen bowls can’t be stacked. No-one wants to waste time untangling a mass of knotted cables or repeatedly spend ages rummaging around in a handbag in search of a lost key. That is why apparently little innovations such as the practical iCushions by Kikkerland, which ensure cables are neatly rolled up and smartphones are securely held in place, are received with greater enthusiasm by large swathes of the population than a new type of robot that can serve hot drinks.

This simple example serves to illustrate one thing above all: in order for innovation to be well-received, the product mustn’t only be new and surprising; it must above all focus on functionality in everyday life. This is the point where the quality of the design comes into play.

Creativity helps to solve problems

We all know how irritating things like the daily hunt for mislaid reading glasses (the smart design solution: the reading glass case from Bobino!) or the oversized wallet that makes for bulging trouser pockets (by the way, the tasteful wallet from labrador fits every pocket) can be. “Somebody ought to invent something,” you may think. However, avowed inventors and researchers are often the wrong people for these sorts of problems as their area of expertise often involves complex, technical processes that set out to create function.

But what we really need is not complexity but creativity that will simplify our daily lives and make them easier. This is clearly the designers’ undisputed area of expertise. Good creative work can allow a tiny handbag-hook such as Bobino’s Key Clip to save you the daily, nerve-wracking search for your keys. This is an innovation that has been long awaited by many. Creativity is at the heart of real innovation potential. Good design systematically applies this principle to make daily life simpler and at the same time more enjoyable.

Discover more design products for everyday life and dive into our new everyday helpers category kitchen accesories & tableware. Here you will find many small daily helpers that will surprise you with their simple, clever design. Take for example the Slim Pen from Bobino, whose ultra-slim form and practical adhesive clip ensure that it will never again fall out of your notebook, or the Casa Organizer system by j-me, which guarantees even confirmed losers of small bits and pieces can keep all their things together in one place. Experience outstanding design with the power of innovation that just makes your life simpler.

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Posted on 10.03.2017

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