Sharp knives for professional and hobby chefs

Sharp knives for professional and hobby chefs

Which type of knife you should choose when purchasing a kitchen knife depends on several different factors. The most important one is naturally that the tool must cut well. This means that it must have a sharp cutting edge. In addition to that, you must also take into account, how it feels in your hand. Only when a sharp knife feels good in your hand, can you cut things safely and quickly. And last but not the least, you require a different type of knife to cut different kinds of foods.

Every kitchen must have the following types of knives:

  1. A bread knife has a broad blade with a serrated edge. It can cut the crispy crust of the loaf of bread and, at the same time, it does not squeeze the soft inner part of the bread together.
  2. A peeling knife with a short handle and a short blade must lie perfectly in your hand as it moves closely over the vegetable. This is suitable for peeling potatoes, apples, onions and many more.
  3. A universal knife is characterised by a short but extremely sharp cutting edge. The hard skin of a tomato can also be easily cut with that, in the same way as a crispy bread roll.
  4. A boning knife which has a sharp point and a narrow blade makes it possible to free the meat from the bone as closely as possible.
  5. A chef’s knife with its broad, sharp blade is required for cutting vegetables, chopping up herbs and for cutting meat.

In order that your cutting tools last for a long time, they should not be washed in a dishwasher. Aside from that, proper storage is indispensable and an essential part of caring for your knife is that the cutting edge is sharpened at regular intervals.


A designer knife block with the five most important knives

So that the knives do not lose their sharpness much too quickly, the blade of the cutting implement must be packed in a particularly gentle way when it is being stored. There are many different ways of doing this. You can either use a knife case or you can keep it in the kitchen drawer. In the case that you do the latter, you should put the knife in its own sheath. The most practical solution for household use has however, proven to be the knife block. In it, the sensitive cutting edge is protected from becoming blunt and, at the same time, the knife is easily accessible and quickly in your hand. Red Dot 21 has found a knife block for you which is not only functional, but is also particularly trendy.

The Set Control Knives from Zyliss consists of an elegant designer knife block with five knives. The block appeals to you through its simple and still classy design. It is made of lovely acacia wood and has removable, anti-bacterial sheaths. It can take care of all the most important tasks for your food preparation with its associated cutting implements. You can cut, chop and peel with the peeling knife, the carving knife, the utility knife, the bread knife or the chef’s knife. The blades of all the knives are made of stainless steel. The indents in the blade and the slip-resistant, anti-bacterial handles allow you to work safely and comfortably.
Zyliss Control Messer-Block Set
Set Control Knives from Zyliss


A professional knife made of Swedish steel lasts a lifetime

One who wants good quality when purchasing a knife must not neglect to take care of it. If he or she does that, then the knife purchased will last a lifetime, as a rule. The quality of the cutting implement can be noted from a few external characteristics. The blade must be made of a particularly hard steel and from a single piece, if possible. The precise machining of its cutting edge will help it to retain that for a long time and will guarantee this, too. Ideally, the handle must be made of high-quality plastic, such as fibreglass, which prevents slipping while cutting.

Red Dot 21 would like to recommend to you the six-piece Cangshan TG knife block set for your kitchen. The set consists of a chef’s knife, a Santoku knife, a bread knife, a serrated knife, a peeling knife and a comfortably simple knife block made of walnut wood. The blades of the kitchen implements are made of high-quality Swedish steel and have a 16 degree cutting edge, which have been ground according to the Asian pattern. The clever handles, made of G10 fibreglass, guarantee an optimal grip while cutting.
Cangshan TG Series Messerblock-Set
Cangshan TG Series


A flexible knife block provides the right place for many kitchen aids

In order that your preparations prior to the actual cooking take place quickly, it is sensible to not only have your knives always close at hand, but the other kitchen utensils, too. A pan flipper, a whisk and a slotted spoon are also used very often and therefore, they should have their own place on the work table. It is for this reason that Red Dot 21 recommends to you the adjustable knife block from Eva Solo.

The exclusive block made of anodised aluminium contains an insert made of folded plastic. The folded insert is flexible and due to this, knives of different sizes find enough space in it, just as well as other kitchen aids. For cleaning, you just need to remove the folded insert out of the aluminium case and put it into your dishwasher. The knife block from Eva Solo appeals to you through its functionality, quality and aesthetics and it was also awarded the Red Dot Design Award.

Eva Solo Messerblock
Knife block from Eva Solo


High-quality sharp kitchen knives based on the Japanese model

It is not only in the West that the art of grinding knives has improved continuously; Japan is well known for the quality of its blades, too. Knives from the Land of the Rising Sun are considered to be particularly sharp. In order that such knives do justice to the requirements of your modern, western kitchen equipment and, can still rely on the quality of their ages-old art of grinding, Red Dot has looked around on your behalf.

The Chef Series Pure Knives by the Belgian manufacturer, Tupperware, has combined both the old Japanese techniques with modern technology and, in this way, has created a timeless design and optimal functionality. The knife blades from Tupperware are made of highly-polished Japanese stainless steel and appeal to you through their sharpness and long life. Their handles are smooth and lie perfectly in your hand. The series from Tupperware consists of a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a sandwich knife, a fileting knife, two utility knives, a vegetable knife and a peeling knife.

Tupperware Chef Series Pure Knives
Chef Series Pure Knives from Tupperware


More high-quality knife sets and knife blocks can be found in our category knives among kitchen accessories & tableware. Here you can browse to your heart’s content and discover many more kitchen utensils that will help you to prepare the food. For the subsequent cooking you can look at the frying pans and saucepans on Red Dot 21.

Posted on 18.09.2017

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