School supplies: design products for trend-conscious students

School supplies: design products for trend-conscious students

All sorts of school supplies, such as fountain pens, correction roller*, erasers and a lot more is required along with books, notebooks, writing pads and folders. Over the course of schooldays, all sorts of filled up notebooks, worn-out pens and empty ink cartridges start to pile up. It helps if you take care of supplies in good time. You can use the long summer holidays to run a quick check on the school bag or backpack and see whether any new school supplies are particularly needed urgently. Trend-conscious students lean on a few stylish extras that help them score with the classmates and also prove useful at home desk.


Practical school accessories for your writing desk

Not only is your spot in the school but also the desk at home transmogrified in a beloved space for learning, thanks to practical school accessories. Basic equipment such as punching machines, tackers, scissors, pen holders and shelves prove to be of assistance as you get busy with your homework and project work. At the same time, they help maintain order and facilitate organisation, which is incidentally conducive to concentration, as demonstrated by scientific studies. A tidy desk has a positive impact on concentration and works in favour of keeping it up longer. Students should therefore discipline themselves and try to keep order by simply stapling loose sheets and sorting them into folders or shelves so that there is no mess on the desk. If all these handy desk accessories are easy on the eyes, they will certainly be used eagerly.


For instance, the Leitz Wow desk series in its two-tone design is a real head-turner for your desk. The series offers just about everything you need: a pen holder with a separate compartment for your smartphone, a punching machine, a stapler, a high-quality pair of scissors and a table-top tape dispenser in different sizes of adhesive film rolls. In line with this, a Letter Tray* and a Desk Cube 4 Drawer cabinet* are also available.

School supplies Leitz Wow desktop series
Leitz Wow desktop series



Elegant fountain pen

For a while, fountain pens were considered old-fashioned and got replaced by keyboards that take care of writing activities for PC these days. Pushing an actual pen less and less has a negative impact on the development of children’s handwriting – much to the annoyance of parents and teachers. Only the savings on the often expensive ink cartridges could be described as a comforting, but a rather frivolous advantage. After all: None minds spending a little more money on high-quality products as long as it results in enhancing the development of your child to all intents and purposes. That is why it is all the more gratifying to know, that new fountain pen models from renowned manufacturers, such as Lamy, have again secured a place in school supplies.


The Lamy 2000 metal series wins you over with a body made of platinum-plated stainless steel. The velvet-matte design makes the Lamy fountain pen a true lifestyle accessory that makes writing fun. It is particularly suitable for slightly older students who can appreciate its worth and would like to use the fountain pen for studies and furthermore rejoice in it.

School supplies Lamy 2000
Lamy 2000


For the younger generation, we recommend the model Twist by Pelikan, which is equally well-suited for both, left and right-handed people. The Twist is available in different colour combinations and is a real eye-catcher in terms of duties of the desk. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it fits comfortably in the hand.

School supplies Twist


The th.INK fountain pen is suitable for students of all ages considering its simple design and attractive price. It also comes from Pelikan and is equipped with a gently sliding stainless steel spring. The soft ergonomic grip zone allows a long, relaxed writing. The th.INK is available in black and black-purple.

School supplies th.INK


Tablets for the student of the new generation

Students today already use many technical devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and all kinds of consumer electronics right from the fifth grade. Fifth-graders are usually very keen on innovative forms of learning due to their broad spectrum of knowledge of methodology from elementary school. As a genuine didactic part of their track record, they catch hold of the tablets from the start in contrast to older students. The intuitive operation of iPads is also very beneficial for young students. Nowadays, homework, reading material, notes and tests are provided online at some schools.

The iPad series as an innovative school accessory is not cost-effective. Luckily, there are cheaper iPad models available as an alternative to the iPad mini. Just as the older tablet models from Apple, which fall quickly and sometimes quite rapidly in price due to the fast-paced technology.

We recommend the slightly larger, but ultra-light, iPad Air with Retina Display. Weighing less than 500 grams, it fits in any school backpack without becoming burdensome. The iPad Smart Cover is very well suited for protecting the 10-inch tablet and is available in numerous colours and can also be used for the iPad 2.

School supplies iPad Air
iPad Air


If you need an alternative to Apple products, we would like to recommend the Kobo Arc 7 HD Tablet as emphasised by the Japanese-Canadian specialist for e-book readers. The 7-inch tablet is designed as a mobile companion because of its size and weight, which fits well in the hand and offers a high resolution.

School supplies Kobo Arc 7 HD
Kobo Arc 7 HD


For other school supplies, you can browse through our Office equipment category. Fancy just the right kind of lamp for your desk? Feel free to browse through our category Desk lamps.


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Posted on 25.06.2018

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