The new Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018 set

All four design yearbooks in one practical set

The Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018 set includes the volumes Living, Doing, Working and Enjoying. The inspiring set thus marries the areas of life and living, activity and lifestyle, work and technology as well as leisure and relaxation. The winning products presented show model developments, potential and trends in current product design and whisk you away into a fascinating world full of beauty and functionality.

A must for design professionals, collectors and lovers of design

The annual yearbook sets from the Red Dot Award have long since been more than just an interesting series of books: The Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018 set is a reference work for design universities, providing inspiration for design professionals, ideas for product managers, marketing experts and heads of purchasing as well as a sought-after collectors’ items for friends and lovers of design all over the world.


– Living rooms and bedrooms
– Household
– Kitchens
– Tableware and cooking utensils
– Lighting and lamps
– Interior Design
– Urban Design and public spaces


– Garden
– Leisure, sport and games
– Babies and children
– Fashion, lifestyle and accessories
– Watches and jewellery


– Offices
– Industry and crafts
– Heating and air conditioning technology
– Life science and medicine
– Computers and information technology


– Bathrooms, spas and personal care
– Vehicles
– Consumer electronics and cameras
– Communication

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Posted on 24.05.2017

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