Practical baby basic equipment

Practical baby basic equipment

Purchasing a pushchair or changing table is not nearly enough. For some it means extra stress while for others it’s an exciting shopping experience that’s simply fun. The search for baby products is rightfully celebrated and the parents info-snack the Internet over the specialty stores months before the baby’s birth, where a virtually limitless range of offers awaits. Knowing what you need to get started on for your baby will save you a lot of time and money.


What actually is the baby basic equipment?

Babyerstausstattung Avent My penguin sippy cup

Go ahead and take some time to think about what you need for the baby basic equipment and more importantly how much you want to spend. A well-stocked basic baby basic equipment takes care of the sleeping, nursing, apparel, meals and transport. Anything beyond that are either useful accessories or age-appropriate toys. Stuffed animals do not count as the important basic equipment, although they are quite popularly purchased or gifted. Nonetheless, various learning and grab toys found on the kids’ beds, on the pushchair or on the activity play mat are recommended and should definitely be considered for the baby basic equipment.

Therefore, pay attention to the following when buying:

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding
    As a mother you must not forget yourself when it comes to equipment. You will also need breast pumps or nursing cushions during this time, if you choose to breastfeed for instance. If you choose to bottle-feed, remember to take a look at the appropriate cleaning apparatus or equipment the same time you purchase feeding bottles. In addition, a food processor is also recommended as it helps you purée and cook the food easily.
  • Personal hygiene
    Personal hygiene is very important for babies and babies are totally dependent on the parents for that. For instance, you will need a soft hair brush, a special baby nail care kit along with a variety of skin care products such as oil wipes, nappy-rash cream and a mild soap.
  • Baby wardrobe
    The first wardrobe should comprise several rompers, shirts, pants, hoods, jackets, baby shoes and socks. Baby clothes do not stay clean for a long time and need to be washed frequently. Therefore, keep sufficient spare clothing in stock, and better yet ensure that it is suitable for different temperatures.
  • Baby cradles and activity play mats
    It is of course not easy to get work done around the house with the baby in your arms. Hence it’s important that you can lay the child down in between. It does not always have to be the baby cot because the little ones can either enjoy a bit of sleep or playfully train their motor skills even in baby cradles or on activity play mats with grab toys.
  • Traveling with the baby
    If you are traveling with the baby, you need all sorts of equipment in addition to a pushchair or a baby carrier for changing the diapers for instance. You can buy a large diaper bag that offers enough space for everything.


We have put together some fine design products for a practical baby basic equipment in the following:


Baby food processor with dual function

Babyerstausstattung Philips Avent 2in1 Nahrungszubereiter

Philips Avent’s 2in1 baby food processor lets you steam and purée the food for your baby, without compromising the flavour or fluidity. Its special technology ensures the circulation of steam from top to bottom, so that all ingredients are cooked uniformly. The intelligent lid design holds all the ingredients in the cup when mixing, and prevents the food from getting into its water container. From very finely puréed fruits and vegetables to a variety of combinations like ingredients made of meat, fish and legumes to more solid food, the processor is ideal for every stage of development of the child.

Philips Avent 2in1 


Multisensory baby cradle

Babyerstausstattung Babyschaukel Memola

GoFuture’s multisensory baby cradle – Memola has been developed in collaboration with neurologists, and automatically supports your child’s development. The baby cradle stimulates the homeostatic system and helps with sensory integration.. It is perfect for the needs of children from birth to 12 years of age . The child gets to build stable eye contact from the cradle with the surroundings and parents. This transparency promotes self-awareness, self-confidence and opens up development potential.



Activity play mats for babies

Babyerstausstattung Activity Play Mat

Done by Deer’s quilted play mat invites your baby to play with five activity toys while lying down and is a total eye-catcher for every living room. The toys can be attached to the two mat bows in 13 different positions. Each one has a different function and emits sound upon being touched. The bows are attached to the mat with Velcro and can also be used separately.

Activity play mat from Done by Deer


Soother with proof of love for mothers

Babyerstausstattung bibi Swiss soother

bibi Swiss’s soft soothers with the inscription “I love Mama” and breast-like suction form guarantee highest grade of safety with sucking comfort. Thanks to the symmetrical ErgoComfort shield, the soothers are a perfect fit for every baby. They are 100% free of harmful substances. The soothers are available in different sizes for all age groups of the child.

Soother from bibi Swiss


You can browse through more baby products in our category Baby equipment. We also urge you to read our post Moving around with baby, in which we recommend other products for the baby basic equipment. Still not sure whether to buy a baby carrier in addition to the pushchair? Do give this post a read – 5 benefits of a baby carrier.

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Posted on 02.05.2018

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