Plant containers for your garden or balcony: decorative and practical

Plant containers for your garden or balcony: decorative and practical

A German-British research team from the University of Sheffield has reported that the colour green has a beneficial effect on our soul. “One who spends time in natural surroundings and feeds his eyes with the colour green, provides relaxation for his body and soul, increases his powers of concentration and raises his spirits”. This observation can now be proved scientifically, as well.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the time to go into natural surroundings at least once a day to relax and recover from everyday stresses and strains. A balcony with nice plants, a green terrace or your own garden can provide relief in such a case. However, so that you do not subject yourself to even more stress, you should keep a few things in mind when purchasing plant containers:

  1. The flower pots should be stable, frost-proof and UV-resistant
  2. See that they are made of high-grade material
  3. Choose a self watering planter instead of a conventional flower pot
  4. A fresh design for your decorative bowl pleases the eye, additionally

The balcony – your private green area in the clouds

Even the smallest balcony can be converted into a green island through selected plants and modern, specially designed plant containers, without any trouble. Large flower pots can be placed on the floor and smaller plants can hang from baskets on the wall. Red Dot 21 also recommends the timeless CASA MESH balustrade pot so that you can forget the everyday stresses in your green island when are completely enclosed by nature on all sides.

EMSA’s hanging pot with its attractive design, which looks like a woven basket made of natural materials, blends itself perfectly into your natural landscape. Its integrated Aqua Plus watering system regulates the plant’s water requirement independently and makes the drying-out or over-watering of the plant impossible. It is fixed to the balustrade of a balcony or loggia securely by means of a screw. CASA Mesh is available in trendy natural colours, mocca, granite and white, from the online partners of Red Dot 21.

CASA Mesh from EMSA

Fresh design for the terrace

So that your eyes do not see the relaxing green only when looking at the garden, you need to be spoilt by having green plants on your veranda itself. Flower pots with a chic design on the dining table in the garden give you a seamless transition into nature. Red Dot 21 would like to recommend to you the extraordinary Doppio self watering planter from Plastia for the table on your terrace, as it is ideal even for those who do not have a green thumb. The pot has a clever self-watering system which allows the plant in it to draw just that exact amount of water that it needs. Besides that, the exquisite flower pot captivates you with its fresh design, which you can also change. According to the motto “two in one”, the inner pot of the plant container can be rotated by 180 degrees so that the decorative item takes on either the shape of a leaf or that of a ship.

Doppio self watering planter from Plastia

Time saved in watering even in midsummer

If you only have time over the weekends to go to your allotment garden, you really need a self-watering plant bowl for the terrace of your gazebo. For this, Red Dot 21 strogly recommends to you the self-watering decorative bowl Roseta from Plastia. It is fitted with a watering tape that makes adequate water available to your plant even on the hottest summer days. In addition, the bowl is made of high-grade material and pleases you with its subtle design. It is also very stable due to its conical shape.

Decorative bowl Roseta from Plastia

Extravagant flower pots for the excvlusive garden

Do you want to set yourself apart from the masses? Then treat yourself to extravagant flower pots from point garden for your garden. Their classy designs make them a real eye-catcher for both the indoors and outdoors. The flower pot with its own lighting is naturally weather-proof. It is lit by a commonly available energy saving lamp and is UV resistant. You can purchase the environmentally friendly, exceptional flower pots made of plastic from the online partners of Red Dot 21. Look forward to many magical moments.

Flower pot from point garden*

Posted on 13.07.2017

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