Personal hygiene: Grooming from head to toe

Personal hygiene: Grooming from head to toe

Taking a shower, shaving in the morning, brushing your teeth or trimming the nails are cleaning rituals in which we invest our time. And also a good deal of money that we spend on personal care products. Personal hygiene is a crucial aspect in terms of cleanliness. It particularly serves an end in itself in the social setting, for it is not just the clothes that hold sway over the first impression that the others have of us, but personal hygiene influences our appearance as well, and therefore the effect on others. It is simultaneously conducive to our health and protects us against illnesses. In this way, it fulfils several functions alike and can be classified into diverse categories ranging from head to toe.


What does personal hygiene mean?

When we talk about personal hygiene, we refer to the cleansing of skin, teeth and skin appendages, including toenails and fingernails as well as hair. Skincare begins with the shower and the application of shower and washing gels or oils and ends with the moisturising of the body and face after the shower. Dental care refers to all of oral hygiene, which, along with brushing the teeth, also includes the use of dental floss and mouthwash. Nail care, on the contrary, is simply achieved by cutting and filing the nails. This is supplemented in the form of foot and hand creams as well as decorative cosmetics, if it comes to painting nails. The use of deodorants and other fragrances affecting body odour and makeup is also a part of personal hygiene. And the removal of body hair or the trimming of beard hair is a form of personal hygiene as well, just like washing the hair and scalp as well as cutting and colouring one’s hair is.


Increasing number of superbly designed products for body care

Increasing number of superbly designed products for body care

Apart from fast-moving consumer goods, well-designed products that make care treatment in the field of body care more effective are especially popular. It is about precision and saving time. By virtue of the annually rising investments in the field of beauty care, companies feel called upon to develop new products constantly, which can impress with their design and which can elicit an optimal experience upon use. Starting from sonic electric toothbrushes for optimised dental cleaning, to electrically operated safety and electric razors with a special blade protection for hair removal for men as well as the epilator and laser devices for hair removal for women right up to massage devices for the face and body for better circulation. The variety is immense, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide upon a product. Too many grooming products are counterproductive anyway, say the experts. In their opinion, the daily shower is far too much already. This is why it is all the more important to concentrate on the most essential products for daily personal hygiene.

It is for this reason that we introduce to you a few design products for the most essential areas of personal hygiene below.


Toothbrushes for oral hygiene

With 31,000 vibrations per minute, the sonic toothbrush EW-DM81 by Panasonic in a plain white design enables classic dental cleaning. Another advantage is that is also cleans the gingival pockets, thanks to its super-fine and soft bristle tips.




An alternative to the electric variant is the Bio Brush, using which you do not just care for your teeth, but also the environment. It is biologically degradable and manufactured from waste cellulosic resources. The Bio Brush is available in a variety of bright colours.

Bio Brush

Bio Brush


Hair removal for her and for him

For men

The Series 9 of electric and safety razors by Braun is impressive with its four-blade system and the adjustability of shaving head and scissor blades. Thanks to an adhesive structural grip and an ergonomic form, the Series 9 sits comfortably in the hand.

Braun Series 9

Braun series 9 shaver


The set of hexagonal razors, which has been developed by Mühle in co-operation with the designer Mark Braun, includes a stylish holder, a classic safety razor and a brush. All three products can be bought separately.


Hexagon Serie


The ER-GD60 by Panasonic is an innovative 3-in-1 design trimmer: It is a single unit that can be used as a razor, trimmer and beard designer. You can bring contours in shape with the 35-millimetre wide blade. The 10-millimetre precision attachment is meant for those zones under the mouth and chin that are difficult to reach.




For women

The Silkpro is suited for laser hair removal and ensures a long-lasting experience. The laser technology is CE-certified and harmless for the eyes. Due to the light weight and its small size, the Silkpro is revolutionary in the field of private laser hair removal.

Silk Pro



Treat your skin and hair simultaneously

Braun Face is the first face epilator in the world with a cleansing brush system. The epilator for facial hair removes hair four times smaller than when using wax. And the facial cleansing brush cleans up to six times more thoroughly than manual cleansing.

Braun Face

Braun Face


The hairbrush for a groomed appearance

The Satin Hair 7 IONTEC hairbrush by Braun ensures glossy hair at the touch of a button and prevents hair breakage by means of smooth bristle technology. With the IONTEC System, you can restrain frizz and static charge.

Satin Hair 7 IONTEC Haarbürste

Satin Hair 7


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Posted on 25.05.2018

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