Personal care with stylish beauty products

Personal care with stylish beauty products

When your beauty regime is quick and easy, personal care feels like being in a spa. But you shouldn’t rush it. If you take your time, you will achieve the perfect result and finish your regime feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. So before you start your personal care routine, put on your favourite CD. Then start with a relaxing bath. Women might choose to add moisturising foam bath to the bath water, while men may be content with bath oil or bath salts.

A bath improves skin circulation and gently warms you. The next step is to give yourself a facial. Women might gently exfoliate and then apply a face mask, while men will take care of their stubble, eyebrows and nose hair. If you think you’re now done, think again. We tend to forget our hands and feet. Thorough nail care and hard skin removal are next on the list. Last but not least, remember to also take care of your hair and scalp.

What every woman wants – shiny, sleek hair

Freshly washed hair is often difficult to comb straight. Some hairs stick out or curl up, and your hair looks brittle and flat. There are different reasons for this, and some are not so easy to fix. You can buy anti-frizz shampoos. Special blow-drying techniques help to avoid frizz. Moisturising hair masks prevent hair from drying out and thus combat static. Or, you can use special brushes to get your mane under control. To master the problem quickly and hassle free, Red Dot 21 recommends the Satin Hair 7 brush from Braun.

The manufacturer created this Satin Hair 7 brush with a special ion technology that produces millions of active ions at the touch of a button. The ions infuse each strand of hair and beat static and frizz. You will be delighted by your silky shine and glossy hair after just one stroke of the brush. The fantastic Satin Hair 7 brush makes hairstyling fun and is available online from our partners.

Satin Hair 7 brush from Braun

Footcare made easy for men and women

Maybe it’s because our feet are at the end of our body that we so often neglect them in our personal care. Hard skin develops on our feet from constantly walking in closed shoes, permanently putting weight on our feet or wearing shoes that are too tight. If we don’t remove it, cracks appear. Bacteria can penetrate our skin and result in bacterial or fungal infections. With the Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry PediTM from Scholl, which you can buy online from the partners of Red Dot 21, this problem can be avoided.

Incorporate the Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry PediTM regularly into your beauty regime to ensure long-lasting soft skin on your feet. The electric foot file is suitable for dry use or wet use. It is cordless and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and features two different speed settings. The replaceable roller head ensures gentle yet effective removal of hard skin.

Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry PediTM

A skin-friendly shave: fast and precise

On average, a man spends 3,000 hours of his life shaving. With a life expectancy of 75, this amounts to six minutes per day. Even with today’s significantly higher life expectancy and accounting for natural variation in beard growth, that is quite a lot. And because the male grooming regime includes more than just shaving, it makes sense that this time could quite happily be reduced.

If you want to complete your daily personal care as quickly as possible but don’t want to compromise on an effective and skin-friendly shave, choose the Series 9 shaver from Braun. Red Dot 21 recommends this shaver in particular because it is easy to grip. It boasts a trendy design and, above all else, it shaves safely and reliably. SyncroSonic technology and five specialised shaver elements guarantee the best possible experience without having to apply too much pressure. The movable shaver head adjusts perfectly to the contours of your face, while the individually stacked shaver parts react event to the tiniest of bumps and hollows. The Series 9 shaver from Braun transforms what some consider a daily nightmare into a pleasant shaving experience.

Series 9 shaver from Braun

Posted on 07.07.2017

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