The perfect evening with wine

The perfect evening with wine

Wine is considered to be one of the oldest cultural assets in the history of mankind and grape vines were being planted in the Near East in the sixth century BC itself. Even in ancient times, wine was a symbol for different mythologies and religions on the one hand and was also enjoyed at convivial evenings to celebrate with friends.

Whoever would like to enjoy a good drop of wine requires, aside from the wine itself, proper wine glasses and a carafe for decanting, to complete the taste sensation. In order to determine the right temperature of the wine, a thermometer is recommended and a corkscrew that opens the bottle with ease should also be available.

The right glass for red and white wine

So that your wine evening is crowned with success, you should not only offer a wine that has a wonderful taste, but also serve it in the right glass suitable for each type of wine. In order that the juice of the grape does not warm up through the heat of your hand while holding it in the wine glass, you should select long-stemmed glasses. In the case of a robust red wine, choose a glass which has a large volume. You should drink a fresh, fruity white wine from a Riesling wine glass that has a lesser volume and is shaped like a concave chalice. Your guests should be able to experience the taste and the aroma of the noble drop as intensively as possible and, for that, we recommend hand-blown glasses made of lead crystal. Red Dot 21 would like to especially recommend wine glasses from Zwiesel Kristallglas from the Classics series for this purpose.

You can obtain a white wine glass from Zwiesel, for example, the Grand Cru Riesling glass with a volume of 458 ml. It is particularly thin-walled and this intensifies the taste of the wine as much as the chalice-shape of the glass that becomes narrower towards the top. You can also find red wine and champagne glasses in the Classics series from Zwiesel. The entire series consists of 13 different glasses and three carafes. All the glasses and carafes for wines are hand-made and are of lead-free crystal glass.

Wine glasses classic series from Zwiesel

Decanting wine with a carafe, which has received an award

One of the functions of decanting is to separate the well-loved juice of the grape from wine sediments and tartar and to simultaneously add oxygen to the wine. The older wines are ready to drink and so, require less time for the decanting process, younger vintages should be opened up to two hours prior to being consumed and should also be refilled into a decanting container. The Alpha Dekantierkaraffe (decanting carafe) from Blomus, which was awarded the coveted Red Dot Award, is well-suited for that purpose.

The Blomus Alpha decantation carafe is made of clear glass. Its pouring rim, which is made of matt stainless steel, makes the pouring drip-free and filters the wine while filling the carafe and also while pouring it out into a wine glass. The simple, stylish and, in spite of that, extremely practical design from Paul Flowers makes the decanter a real eye-catcher.

Blomos Alpha decantation carafe

A modern thermometer measures the temperature of the wine

Wines that are served too cold cannot develop their aroma to the fullest extent and a temperature that is too high makes the juice of the grape taste too alcoholic and overloaded. It is therefore important for a successful wine evening that you serve the wines at the right temperature. What is best, is to determine the temperature of the red or white wine by means of a special wine thermometer. Red Dot 21 has found a practical thermometer just for you.

The Snap wine thermometer from Vacuvin is similar to a snap-on bracelet and also functions in the same way. It is suitable for all bottle sizes and – just like the bracelet – is snapped shut around the body of the bottle. After waiting for a short time, the temperature measured is shown on the display in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit. When you have measured the temperature of the wine, you can check if it is at the right temperature; this is done through the temperature index on the reverse of the thermometer.

Snap wine thermometer from Vacuvin

A practical corkscrew for lay persons and professionals

Whoever still uses a manual corkscrew for the noble drop at a wine evening, often has difficulties with pulling an intractable cork out of the bottle. The more modern the implement is, the easier it is to remove the cork seal. A wall-mounted corkscrew, for example, allows the professional to open several bottles in a short time. The practical wine bottle opener saves the lay person a lot of difficult pulling and wrenching.

The Professionell 110, a wall-mounted corkscrew from BOJ is manufactured by a family concern in Eibar in Spain. Zamak, the durable material that the bottle opener is made of, is a zinc alloy. The mounting for the wall is made of oak wood and a steel spiral pulls the cork out of every bottle neck, without the application of force by you. Santiago Olañeta designed this extremely user-friendly corkscrew 75 years ago. You can now purchase it here in a new and improved form.

Professionell 110 wall-mounted corkscrew from BOJ

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