Innovative design products for the office

Innovative design products for your office

Many of the office furnishing systems available nowadays offer the maximum in flexibility and can be combined with each other in myriad ways, as you wish. Through this, they can now meet all our enhanced demands for multifunctional offices which can be used for various purposes, depending upon the requirements. However, it is not only the innovatively designed furniture that eases your daily work at the office, but high-performance kitchen appliances that are designed for continuous operation that do so, too. We shall now show you which design products can bring you one step closer to a futuristic office.

An all-rounder in seating furniture

The ADD modular seating furniture system is a real multi-talent system – a true blue all-rounder that you can use very flexibly in your office. This well-designed system that consists of seating furniture that can be teamed up with other furniture is suitable for commercial use in public offices and also for private living spaces. The seating furniture, with its square footprint can be laid out as you wish, either individually or in a group in an infinite number of variations, even in the shape of an “S”. Depending on whether you would like to use the individual seating units as a two-seater sofa for the waiting area, for example, or as a full seating system for a lounge – this ADD seating system can be easily adjusted to the architecture of the room, in only a few simple steps. The coverings of the linearly designed modules with a seat back are of a size of 45 cm to 59 cm. They are available made of cloth, soft leather or artificial leather and the frame is made of powder-coated aluminium in two different heights. Through its clean and flexible structure, the modern ADD furnishing system fits perfectly in the existing configuration of your interior rooms and allows itself to be flexibly utilised, depending upon the requirement.

ADD modular seating furniture system

Working in teams and singly with flexible office furniture

The Play&Work office furnishing system offers a large number of variations for the design of common work areas or also for the decoupling of individual work spaces. You can now simultaneously have teams working together or singly as well, by the use of Play&Work furnishing systems in your office. At the same time, you will also save on a lot of space. Due to the several ways in which the desks, cabinets and partition walls can be combined with each other, the furnishing items can be flexibly utilised depending on what they are being used for. The quick furnishing of discussion/conference areas can be accomplished easily with Play&Work‘s cushioned chairs that simultaneously offer space for storing things, as well. Depending upon what is required, the desks of the furnishing system are available with metal or padded panels. The padded panels have the advantage that they absorb noise and so, support better concentration at the workplace. In order to have an optical dividing line between different functional areas, the upholstery of the furniture and of the partition walls can be selected in different colours. In the case that you have once decided on the Play&Work office furnishing system, you always have the opportunity to expand the system with further functional elements. This is a really clever and space-saving furnishing system for effective working.

Play&Work office furnishing system

How to enjoy coffee the way YOU want it at the office

Everybody who loves his or her coffee has their own opinion of how the hot beverage should be brewed so that to tastes just that particular way! Traditional coffee machines are available in many offices but, very often, they do not satisfy the way you feel the hot beverage should taste, not to speak of the speed with which it dispenses the beverage. A big meeting at the office can cause a real traffic jam at the coffee machine at rush hour! This is when many, many pots of coffee must be provided at the same time. The newer fully automatic coffee machines available nowadays are much more effective. They often cost more, but prove to be more effective in daily use, at the end of the day.

Promesso fully automatic coffee machine
The Promesso fully automatic coffee machine is a real eye-catcher with its elegant and asymmetric design and is also a real help in daily office life. Thanks to its large touch screen, the fully automatic coffee machine can be operated intuitively and can be easily tended to. The Promesso can be operated on a continuous basis without a break, as it has been specially designed for long and intensive operation. With its output of 130 cups of coffee per hour, the Promesso is a real genius for the uninterrupted pleasure in drinking coffee all through the daily office day. The strength of the coffee can be selected through a light touch on the touch display and, for example, the amount of milk in your cappuccino can be pre-selected by specific settings, as well. The setting-up of personal, directly selectable user profiles allows three beverages to be stored individually. These can be called up once again at any time in an uncomplicated manner. This saves time and guarantees you the pleasure of drinking YOUR favourite coffee whenever you want.

Posted on 22.06.2017

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