Motorcycle accessories – comfort and safety for more driving pleasure

Motorcycle accessories – comfort and safety for more driving pleasure

Summer belongs to bikers: the temperatures have hardly risen and the days are just a little longer and you can see bikers refurbishing and sprucing up their machines. In order that a spur of the moment bike ride into the outdoors or a pre-planned tour with a group is successful, aside from good weather and the well-loved machine, you also require the right accessories. This is because the aspects that relate to more safety and comfort should be of primary importance for the feeling of freedom to awaken and for fun to come to the fore. It is for this reason that we would like to present to you four useful products that will, on the one hand, improve the safety of the biker and, on the other hand, improve the driving experience.

Innovative design for the highest level of protection

A highlight of riders’ clothing is the Pista GP-R helmet from Dainse S.p.A, which was designed in association with the MotoGP legend, Valentino Rossi. The innovative professional helmet is made one hundred percent of carbon fibre that is layered over a 5-density EPS shell. Through this, the helmet weighs just 1.3 kilograms and, due to the exceptional strength of the carbon fibre, it exceeds the safety requirements for helmets by a large amount. Aside from the recently patented cheek paddings on the inside of the helmet, the Pista GP-R also has a ventilation system that has been well thought through. Five inlet openings made of metal on the front side and two outlets on the rear of the helmet provide optimal air circulation within it. The outer, lamella-shaped structure of the openings allow the best ingress of air as well as the best protection. The Biplano spoiler also optimises the aerodynamics and that improves the stability of the helmet while riding and reduces the stress on the neck muscles. The scratch-resistant New Race-3 visor gives you the right view and it is five millimetres thick. The helmet is fitted with a transparent visor that can be exchanged in seconds through a quick-release system. Mirrored or tinted visors are also available. The patented Visor Lock system reduces the risk of accidental opening in the case of an accident. This ideal integration of innovation and technology gives you a high degree of safety, comfort and performance and the helmet has been awarded the “Red Dot” by the jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.

Helmet Pista GP-R from Dainse S.p.A

Always keeping an eye on tyre pressure

The safety of the rider and the protection of his machine and the environment are at the forefront with the TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system from Steelmate. The monitoring system consists of two valve cap sensors and a receiver that is installed on the handlebars. The sensors, which weigh nine grams, are screwed onto the valve stem of the tyre and gives the rider the measured value of the pressure in bar or psi, in real time. Through motorcycle technology such as this, the tyre pressure and tyre temperature remain in view for the benefit of driving safety, the service life of the tyres and for the lowering of fuel consumption. The rider is made aware of critical changes visually and acoustically. The state of the lithium batteries is also monitored.

TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system from Steelmate

Creating stowage space on the motorcycle

The large topcase “V56NT” by Givi gives you plenty of place for two helmets, a motorcycle jacket and a pair of gloves. However, shopping can also be stored in it, or luggage for a trip. This is because you can decide what you want to fill its volume of 56 litres with. The main thing is that the maximum weight of ten kilograms is not exceeded. The large topcase from Givi convinces you with its high-class visual appeal. It is designed of black ABS plastic with inserts made of anodised aluminium. The reinforced outer edges make the shell particularly strong. The transparent reflectors that are affixed on the sides run towards the middle in the upper section and continue on the lower section. This gives it a sporty and dynamic overall look that suits the powerful shape of your motorcycle.

Topcase V56NT by Givi

Always have the most important within reach

The practical “RA309R” tank rucksack from Kappa is the ideal place to store your mobile, wallet, route map or small snacks for in-between. The rucksack has a volume of five litres and can carry up to three kilograms of weight. It is thus, the ideal supplement to motorcycle panniers and cases. Your mobile is safe in a transparent pocket, which is on the top of the rucksack. Through this, your digital route map is always visible without distracting you from driving. Incoming calls and information are also visible and can be taken care of when you make a halt. Aside from that, the tank rucksack has a front pocket for additional accessories and a rain hood for protection against drizzles and wetness. The rucksack can be quickly fitted to the tank ring on the motorcycle through the Tanlock system. It is held securely by that and there is no contact between the contents and the motorcycle paint. The rucksack is offered by itself or together with the tank ring as a set. The rucksack can just as quickly be mounted as it can be removed when you make a short break or at longer stops. Thanks to the shoulder strap, it can double up as a shoulder bag. Annoying repacking is therefore not needed, any more.

Tank rucksack from Kappa

The items that have been presented to you, show that manufacturers and designers have together taken on and have promoted the philosophy of life as represented by the motorcycle; so that freedom and adventure, the immediate feeling of being one with nature and the environment as well as the enthusiasm for technology and the ecstasy for speed, can be best experienced while taking into consideration high safety requirements.

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Posted on 15.08.2017

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