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The modern kitchen – stylish design in the tiniest of spaces

Nevertheless, kitchens are often allocated very little space due to space constrictions, even in new buildings. That’s when we have to get inventive. If you want to have space for everything even in a small kitchen, you need to have space-saving kitchen equipment and accessories that also don’t need much space. Despite all of these space-saving measures, a modern kitchen should of course not only have all of the modern conveniences but also be visually appealing.

From a one-person kitchen to a cooking paradise – it’s all about saving space

In a small kitchen niche in a single-person household, it goes without saying that even the kitchen aids have to be stored in as compact a manner as possible. But even in a large-scale kitchen, there is a trend toward saving space. This means that everyone from the enthusiastic artisan to the hobby baker will be thrilled by the practical kitchen set. The multi-coloured food preparation set from Joseph Joseph comprises seven parts that fit perfectly inside each other. Overall, the Nest™ 7 Plus doesn’t take up any more space in the kitchen cupboard than a single mixing bowl. In addition to the medium-sized mixing bowl, the kitchen set also offers another, smaller bowl and five different measuring cups. The two mixing bowls have a non-slip base, leaving your hands free for ingredients and the mixer when mixing cake dough. Also, the smaller bowl has a measuring scale on the inside. The capacity of the measuring cups ranges from one teaspoon, i.e. five millilitres, for the smallest to a 250 ml cup. Because a contemporary kitchen accessory needs not only to be functional but also to be progressively stylish, Nest™ 7 Plus from Joseph & Joseph features a streamlined yet striking design. With wonderful rainbow colours, the kitchen aids are a real eye-catcher in your kitchen cupboard.

Nest series from Joseph & Joseph

Nest series from Joseph & Joseph

Modern waste separation is easy and doesn’t need much space

Because it contributes to the protection of the environment and reduces landfill, we have to separate our waste when using recyclables. In many households, this leads to lots of different bins and waste bags. Not only does this collection of bins and bags take up a lot of space, it also doesn’t look very attractive. Red Dot 21 recommends the stylish waste-separating unit from Joseph & Joseph. This contemporary waste container is a combination of different-sized bins. The large bin holds 36 litres and is perfectly suited to plastic waste and packaging. A small container for organic waste is provided as an insert that can be removed and placed on the work surface when cooking. There is another waste bin in the lower part of the recycling unit. If you wish, you can insert the separator included in the delivery scope. You can use this bin to dispose of paper and/or glass for example. Each bin can be removed individually and lined with a commercially available bin liner or a specially made waste bag from Joseph & Joseph. A matching carbon filter to bind unpleasant smells is also available. The Totem 60 waste-separating unit is functional and easy to use with a streamlined and tasteful design.

Totem waste-separating unit from Joseph & Joseph

Totem from Joseph & Joseph

Useful kitchen utensils reduce in size

In order to respond to the needs of a space-saving kitchen, kitchen aids also have to adjust and in a best-case scenario be small and handy. If they are as compact and small as possible, they don’t need much space. This means that no additional kitchen cupboards are needed, and the work surface is kept free. One excellent example of how you can get by with very little space with kitchen accessories is the foldable, digital scales TriScale™ from Joseph & Joseph. Folded together, the kitchen scales fits comfortably beside the cutlery in the drawer. All three arms are folded out for weighing and measuring, allowing a bowl or plate to be easily placed on top. You can set different measuring units by gently pressing on the touch-sensitive buttons and read the results on the easy-to-read LCD display. The scales also switch off automatically and have a useful add & weigh function. On top of its perfect functionality and outstanding ability to save work space, the kitchen appliance features a top-class design that has won a Red Dot. TriScale™ from Joseph & Joseph is essential for any contemporary kitchen.

TriScale from Joseph & Joseph

TriScale™ from Joseph & Joseph

Transforming a little kitchen niche into a stylish cooking oasis

We’ve all heard the saying that “The best of goods come in small parcels”. Even if space is limited, a miniature kitchen can become the tasteful focal point of a home. With cleverly selected fitted appliances and space-saving yet trendy kitchen accessories, you can create a little cooking, dining and living paradise. You will find creative and visually attractive kitchen aids in the “Kitchen accessories & tableware” section. This is because the jury members only award the sought-after seal of quality to products that are functional and that boast a top-quality design. You can equip your kitchen with sensible and contemporary items without having to forego stylish and inspiring kitchen aids. Complement your compact setting with creative kitchen tools that not only do not take up a lot of space but also win bonus points through their first-class design. In this way, you can transform a restricted and unwelcoming scullery into a stylish, clear and cosy oasis.

Posted on 12.06.2017

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