Mobilise children by playing with children’s vehicles in mini format

Mobilise children by playing with children’s vehicles in mini format

They encourage children to move and urge them on when it comes down to seeing who crosses the finishing line first in a car race. In the following, we would like to introduce you to a few models of children’s cars with which you will definitely be able to mobilise your child in play.

Start practicing early – when children drive

Driving a car is every child’s dream and the boys, in particular, can hardly wait to get the steering wheel in their own hands. In order that the little ones can experience the pleasure of driving while they are still in their early years, toy manufacturers are bringing several cars in mini formats to the market. These are suitable for children of the most varied age groups. Together with well-known automobile manufacturers, models have been developed in which the details are very precisely copied and the cars are identical to the real cars that are driven on the road. With such a precise replica, children do not need a second invitation to play with them. The motivation that the young ones have to imitate their elders and professionals from motor sport comes to them on their own and so, the parents’ request for them to run around becomes totally unnecessary.

From a push car to a pedal car: from Bobby car to Kettcar

You certainly still remember the Bobby car or the Kettcar from your own childhood? These powerful brands from our childhood are still present even today and cannot be dismissed from the world of children’s toys.

The first Bobby car was shown at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg in 1972. It was designed by the pen of the BIG-Spielwarenfabrik, which is still renowned for its quality and safety that is “Made in Germany”. The company is considered one of the most important manufacturers of toys in Germany and is also amongst the leading manufacturers in the world of high quality toys made of plastic. The Bobby car has become a world-wide export hit and is the undisputed “push car” that hardly any child would want to pass up.

Whoever has started with a push car has then upgraded to a pedal car later: The Kettcar from Kettler. Ever since the introduction of the Kettcar in 1962, over 15 million units of the pedal car have been sold. In those days, the sporty little car was driven by pedal rods, later in 1965 the rods were replaced by a bicycle chain. At the end of the 1990s, the pedal cars were more in demand than ever before.

After the huge success of the first children’s cars, the models manufactured by other manufacturers were not long in coming to the market as well.  We will be taking a look behind the scenes and shall let you know why push cars and pedal cars are particularly suited to getting your kids to become mobile.

Push cars – The beginning of a motor sport career for children

Before children can properly push the pedals of a minicar, it is recommended that they practise with a push car. The car moves on rollers and is driven by the leg movements of the child. Aside from strengthening the muscles, the child’s balance and motor skills are also trained. This is because something that is so natural when one hears it, still need to be learned first. Even if the child can sit upright and can walk, it must first get to know the functioning of the car and understand that the car will only move through the child’s own efforts and movements. Besides that, the child also learns to keep its balance and to counter the centrifugal force by changing its own centre of gravity when the momentum created by its own leg movements is too strong and has been created by the child itself. Most children love this toy and cannot be stopped from playing with it once they have discovered how it functions.

We, at Red Dot, have discovered the Bontoy Traveller – a wonderful alternative to the classic Bobby car. As the Bontoy does not have the classic appearance of a car or perhaps just because of that – it looks like a dog – it makes the child’s heart beat faster. It can be purchased in two designs, as a Dalmatian or a Beagle and is meant for children of above 18 months. It can carry a weight of 100 kilograms and its organic shape with smooth curves has no sharp edges on which the child can injure itself. It is fitted with heavy duty rubber wheels that are suitable for the street and for the indoor use as well. The wheels allow it to roll noiselessly and they prevent the floor from being scratched. Outside the house, it is the ideal accompaniment for the child’s travels and it can also act as a small suitcase. It has a storage space of 17 litres and you can store toys in it when you go to meet grandma and grandpa. By pressing a button, a telescopic handle can be pulled out of the front. With that, the Bontoy can be pulled along like a two-wheeled trolley.

Bontoy Traveller 


Go-carts remain the undisputed stars of the street

Go-carts have a long tradition as pedal cars for children. Even today they are the undisputed “stars of the street” for the little ones. The pedal driven children’s cars impress you with their sportive design and they are fitted with a hard shell seat, a steering wheel and four wheels. The term “go-cart” originates from the field of motor sports and stands for a small racing car without a body covering. As the car induces children to “race away”, in the real meaning of the words, using it is recommended for outdoors and only under supervision.

Red Dot 21 has discovered go-carts made by Berg. These will certainly give your children a lot of fun. Berg is a manufacturer of outdoor toys and equipment and can look back at 28 years of experience. Safety is of primary importance in all of Berg’s products. Berg checks the quality of its pedal go-carts and trampolines under extreme conditions at its own testing facilities. In addition to that, its products are tested by independent test institutes according to international standards and statutory regulations.


BMW Racing go-cart

As an example, the durable “BMW Street Racer” is suitable for children of over 3 years of age and was developed by Berg together with BMW. The result is a perfect combination derived from the racing experience of BMW and the technical experience of Berg. A perfect match for bold, young racing car drivers.

The design of the car is based on BMW’s racing legends. A backpedal brake brings the car to a safe stop even when it is going fast. The abbreviation BFR stands for: Brake, Freewheel and Reverse. The BFR system also allows it to be braked by the use of the pedals and also allows it to drive in reverse immediately after coming to a halt. In addition to the above, the pedals do not need to be moved when coasting. So that the car remains securely on the road in curves as well, a swing axle has been installed. The steering wheel and the seat are height-adjustable. Thanks to this, the seating position can be adjusted at any time even when the child is growing rapidly. In this way, a longer duration of driving fun is guaranteed for the child. The “BMW Street Racer” is suitable for children up to a maximum of 8 years of age; this depends on the size of the child, of course.

BMW Street Racer from Berg


The Ferrari 150° Italia go-cart

“Drive a Ferrari at least once in my life” – this wish is heard not only from the mouths of children. Even adults have the same wish from the time they were children. Ferrari represents a lifestyle, deluxe racing cars and exclusivity. In the case that you want to fulfil this dream for your children today itself, then Red Dot 21 would like to recommend the “Ferrari 150° Italia” to you in the best possible way. This children’s go-cart wins you over with its red-hot looks. It looks like a real Ferrari in mini format. Aside from the cool looks, Berg has given it a fantastic interior with edgy technology. With its aerodynamic side supports and a rear spoiler, the mini racing car looks like a real racing car and is also fitted with the BFR system that supports coasting and reversing. A double ball bearing steering and the all-round tyres promise a lot of driving fun on all kinds of surfaces. The labels, sponsor logos and the specially designed steering wheel with all its characteristic instruments give the “Ferrari 150° Italia” a look that is just like the original. The go-cart is suitable for children older than 3 years of age.

Ferrari 150° Italia from Berg


The Buddy Orange pedal go-cart

Red Dot 21 recommends a colourful alternative to the BMW Racing go-cart, the cool “Buddy” go-cart from Berg with its hip orange colour. Just like in the racing variant, the “Buddy” also has the BFR system. The seat and the steering wheel are also height-adjustable which guarantee fun in driving for a long time. The four pneumatic wheels provide additional comfort and the swing axle ensures that the car is stable even when your child races around curves with screeching tyres.

Go-cart Buddy from Berg 

We wish all children lots of fun while driving and that the parents have fun with the mobilisation of their children!

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Posted on 18.08.2017

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