Modern luminaire by Le Klint

Modern luminaire by Le Klint

This range of luminaire comes in a special style that combines modern technology with a strong craftsmanship tradition. The first luminaire shop opened in 1943 right in the heart of Copenhagen and is still considered to be the must-visit-place for modern lighting. There you can discover current design novelties – more often than not even before they can be found on the market. The luminaire designs of Le Klint have always adapted to the advancing technology and further developed in close collaboration with architects and designers. Let the unique designer lights allure you with charm that heavily relies on practical benefits alongside beautiful design.


The origins of Le Klint

The history of Le Klint dates back to the beginning of 20th century. That’s when architect and civil engineer P. V. Jensen Klint made the first pleated screen for a petroleum lamp. Impressed by the first model, he worked together with his sons (Tage and Karre Klint) and numerous friends to improve the lampshade. He developed a universal elastic collar, which later became a trademark for the Klint lampshades. The first retail outlet came into being from the initial domestic crafting and folding work. The inventory was taken care of by his son Karre Klint, who had meanwhile earned reputation as an architect and designer. Although that outlet has been renovated several times since its opening in 1943, the original interior has been kept intact even today. A special honour was given to the noted maker in 2003, when Le Klint was officially appointed the “Royal Court Supplier”.


Lampshades with traditional folding technique

The traditional craft of folding lampshades is a real peculiarity and is still cultivated nowhere else but at Le Klint. So far, the specialist in cross-pleating has been at the top of the game, since the engineers have not been able to develop a machine that perfectly imitates this craft until today. The technique needs to be specially acquired by the skilled craftsmen. Within a year, they are trained to be folding experts. But to master every model in the product palette, they generally require two to three years of learning period. Many model proposals of the designers can be turned into reality, all thanks to the folding experts. Their expertise is very much in demand, which is why they are often asked for advice when it comes to implementing new ideas.

Whether you choose a classic model in a Le Klint-style lampshade* or a modern and innovative model, the Le Klint luminaires bring functionality, quality and, above all, aesthetics to your home, because every lamp is sure to beguile you with its own charm. We present you some real head-turners in the room, which are guaranteed to draw admiring glances.


Inspired by ship cannons: Carronade floor lamp

The Carronade luminaire series was developed by the designer Markus Johansson, who was inspired by the shape of a ship’s cannon. It is available in four variants – as table/wall lamp, spot pendulum, multi-functional standing/reading lamp and also as a high stand. The collection with the challenging and striking design is made of matt black lacquered steel, brass and solid American walnut.

Floor lamp Carronade*


Organic-looking: Pendant luminaire Swirl

The organic looking pendant Swirl luminaire is reminiscent of a bud or tree cone. It is made of plastic and was designed by the Danish designer Øivind Slaatto using Scandinavian design tradition. It is available in three different colours and sizes and requires LED bulbs with a maximum of 20 watts.

Pendant luminaire Swirl*


Simple geometry: Table and wall lamp Mutatio

The Mutatio luminaire series comprising table and wall luminaire, was designed by industrial designer Christian Troels. When designing, he was inspired by transformation and simple geometry. It has resulted in discreetly closed black and white steel fixtures that are both characteristic and exciting as they open.

Table lamp Mutatio*

Wall lamp Mutatio*


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Posted on 06.04.2018

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