Functional clothing: high-quality jogging outfits for men

Functional clothing: high-quality jogging outfits for men

The growing popularity of the marathon is an example of a lasting trend: jogging is and continues to be a trendy sport and leisure activity. This is very evident in parks, woods and on pavements in the morning or evening hours, when countless joggers dominate the scene. More and more often, even lunch breaks are being used to run a few laps with like-minded colleagues and get some physical exercise outside of the office. As a positive side-effect, this reduces stress and allows us to free our minds – ideally while wearing a high-quality jogging outfit.

From endurance running to jogging

But the running movement is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has a long tradition, also in Germany. Back in the 1950s, physician Ernst van Aaken started up the first endurance running groups. But the international breakthrough for the jogging movement as a modern leisure activity came about during the 1960s and 1970s and started in the USA, where the sport quickly became anchored in consumer and pop culture.

One of the things that makes running popular is that you only need your own body and a good jogging outfit. Instead of expensive gym membership, you only need to put the right things in your sports bag. Once you have done that, you can go anywhere, any time the fancy takes you. And if the weather plays its part, there is truly nothing standing in the way of a fantastic run.

The best shoe for the perfect jogging outfit

The most important aid for any runner is the shoe, which is why manufacturers and designers are constantly optimising their products using new materials and designs. The Swedish company Salming Sports has a convincing running shoe for men that was developed especially for challenging trail runs. The Salming Trail T1 Shoe is lightweight and has a special grip on the sole. This means the shoe provides excellent grip even in wet conditions. The fashionable colours also lend the shoe an attractive appearance.

Salming Trail T1

The Terraclaw 220 running shoe by UK manufacturer Inoveight Ltd. is just as appealing. In addition to its fresh blue and yellow design, the shoe for men is extremely light, weighing just 220 g. As a result, this shoe is particularly suited to fast running.

Terraclaw 220

In combination with comfortable functional socks like the CEP dynamic+ no show socks from medi GmbH & Co.KG, your feet stay free of perspiration and blisters even on long runs. If you suffer from heavy legs and want to prevent cramps, use the knee-high compression socks from X-Socks. The functional X-Socks Run Accumulator help circulation and have a pleasant cooling effect.

Jogging in any weather: high-quality functional jackets for men

To make running possible even in adverse weather conditions, athletes have to have high-quality running tights and above all else a breathable functional jacket. The X-Bionic rain jacket for men with its unique symbionic® membranes ensures that perspiration is transported away from the skin in the form of water vapour and droplets. At the same time, no moisture gets inside. This creates the perfect climate inside the jacket. In collaboration with automobile manufacturer Lamborghini *, this running jacket is also available in a masculine biker style.

X-Bionic rain jacket *

Functional jackets like these form the upper layer of the layering principle for rain, wind and cold. The layering principle describes a method of dressing that allows individual layers to be taken off or put on again as needed when running. Wear a warm fleece top underneath the functional jacket. Next to your skin, wear thin functional underwear that transports sweat away from your body. Seamless undergarments additionally reduce the risk of skin irritation and improve comfort. In addition, a hat, gloves and a neck scarf round off your winter running outfit. Wear reflective jackets or luminous bands to increase safety in traffic.

By contrast, in warm temperatures running clothes should comprise shorts and an airy top made from fast-drying material. These quickly soak up the moisture from the skin and transport it to the surface of the item of clothing, where it evaporates. In high temperatures, protective head gear, sunglasses and sun cream are recommended.

With the right jogging outfit on the way to a personal best

Equipped with the right jogging outfit, each runner can focus on his or her own personal target. There are as many targets are there are runners: some want to gradually improve their fitness, while others simply want to get more exercise, and yet others want to lose some weight or achieve a new personal best. With lots of training, professional coaching, helpful literature and talking with like-minded people, all of this is possible.

Posted on 17.07.2017

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