Jewellery exceptional, extravagant and irresistible

Jewellery – exceptional, extravagant and irresistible!

However, those who want to surprise their beloved with a pretty necklace or a pair of elegant earrings will not find it easy. After all, everyone has a different taste and the range of jewellery available for selection these days, varies from classic-elegant to modern and funky. Jewellery that is purchased from a jeweller’s shop can be quite expensive, since it’s generally crafted from precious metals and studded with precious stones. But when a piece of jewellery holds some sentimental value for a person, it could be made of any material and still be extremely valuable to that person.

However, the one thing that is common to all precious objects is that they are something special. They can be worn around the neck as a necklace or flaunted as stunning earrings to be shown-off to others. And you can even keep your jewels safe in elegant jewel cases, pretty little boxes or fancy stands.

How can you use your unworn jewellery in the most optimal way?

Don’t you think it is a pity that you cannot wear your beautiful pieces of jewellery all together at once? In this way you could give others the opportunity of admiring your glorious treasures? Several necklaces hung over each other and hands completely plastered over with rings not only appear pretentious, but also diminish the visual impact of each decorative ornament. Moreover, the different designs of various items of jewellery cannot be styled with every outfit. Nevertheless, you need not stash your unworn jewellery away, not to be seen, inside jewellery boxes because Red Dot 21 has discovered a pretty and simultaneously practical jewellery tree with its online partners, especially for you.

This jewellery tree that can be selected from the Menu is so tasteful and extravagant, that it has already been awarded the coveted Red Dot Award in 2008. The aluminium sculpture, which has been polished to a high gloss, will showcase your finest jewels, which you cannot wear at the moment, in their best possible light. You can place your rings on the branches of the tree and hang your necklaces, bracelets and even wrist watches in an eye-catching manner on it. You can light up the jewellery tree, which is available in the Menu, with a soft spotlight and your necklaces, earrings and bracelets will be displayed to perfection. Thus, the stylish aluminium stand has three advantages:

  1. It displays the jewellery that you are not wearing right now.
  2. It keeps your gorgeous jewels safe.
  3. It ensures that you get a good overview of all your jewellery items at once and helps you make a quick selection of what you want to wear.

Jewellery tree from Menu

Jewellery tree from Menu

Classy danglers – edgy and exclusive

Women and men as well, wear jewellery at the most varied times. This is to show their status, a sense of belonging to a group or a demeanour. While men, as a rule, limit their creations to a single ring, the watch and cuff links, women are permitted to drape their necks, ears, hands and arms. Earrings have a special place among the pieces of jewellery worn on the body. This is because we see the person we are talking to, in the face and earrings can so be seen quickly. It is for this reason that they should be chosen with care. For everyday use, earrings that are either timeless and can be worn with any clothing style are suitable, or they should be flippant and modern to supplement a trendy outfit. At a dinner for two or at an evening event, you should naturally wear valuable and extraordinary earrings.

Red Dot 21 would like to recommend to you a pair of incomparable danglers from Charles Rennie Mackintosh for that special occasion. The drop-shaped danglers are made of gleaming sterling silver. Aside from that, they have been given a coating of rhodium which prevents tarnishing. Nerve-wracking polishing of the silver is therefore not required. Each earring is studded with three real diamonds that additionally increase the value of the modern danglers. The chic danglers from Charles Rennie Mackintosh have been manufactured in the United Kingdom. They are fastened by means of a pin in the hole in your earlobe and they measure 39 mm in length and 13 mm in width.

Charles Mackintosh Amethyste
Danglers from Charles Rennie Mackintosh*

Wear jewellery like a film star – the way to go!

If is not only with regard to clothes that fashion orients itself on prominent people. On the subject of jewellery, as well, it is the stars from the world of films and television who set the agenda. People love to copy the outfits that well-known personalities wear. While it is not very difficult to find similar styles in the case of clothing, you will have to search for somewhat longer in the case of jewellery. The best and simplest is to buy it from the same jeweller. The one who knows, where his or her favourite star has bought the beautiful necklace or the fantastic bracelet can easily do the same. Red Dot 21 knows which jewellery designer has designed pieces for Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kate Moss and Emma Watson, amongst others, and would like to introduce you to a beautiful ladies necklace from Great Britain.

The ladies necklace from VICKISARGE is made neither of gold nor silver, but of copper. Just the material of manufacture itself makes the necklace something special. Besides the numerous copper pearls, white and red circularly-ground crystals and orange, yellow, pink and red pearls define the necklace. Its length is 58 cm. This piece of jewellery reminds you of the pearl necklaces of the 20s, which the so-called flappers wore. The ladies necklace from VICKISARGE is now available online from the partners of Red Dot.

Necklace from VICKISARGE*

You can also find more beautiful designer jewelery in the category “Jewellery” on Red Dot 21.

Posted on 28.07.2017

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