Jewellery design

Aesthetics, value and a statement

Jewellery looks good and refines an outfit. But necklaces, rings, earrings and the like not only have an aesthetic function: The type of jewellery a person wears says a lot about them. For example, valuable jewellery makes a statement about the financial possibilities of the owner – but of course that is not the only thing. The type of jewellery worn and the way in which it is worn also give hints about its wearer. Whether its lots of gold chains or statement chains, a tanned wrist full of leather bands, understated but expensive pieces or esoteric precious stones or magnetic jewellery – these reflect among other things an affiliation with different subcultures, social status, but also personal taste.

That is probably one of the reasons why the design of jewellery is afforded special care. To create something special and bold calls for design talent and creativity. At the end of the day the forms are limited: a ring, earrings, a necklace or a brooch – there aren’t that many more options on a day-to-day basis for creative reinterpretations of the basic form.

How do you become a jewellery designer?

So far there are only a few universities that offer jewellery design as an independent degree – although it is becoming more and more common as a specialisation or at least as an elective subject on a design degree. Theoretically it is possible to qualify to study jewellery design at third level on the back of the ‘Hochschulreife’ or ‘Fachabitur’ secondary school certificate. In practise, you need artistic creativity and fine-motor abilities above all else, as well as good hand-eye coordination. Consequently it makes sense to train as a goldsmith first before embarking on a degree in jewellery design.

The curriculum is varied, ranging from materials science to the history of jewellery-making and learning about various techniques and tools. The degree incorporates a lot of different content that prepares the students for a professional career as a jewellery designer.

Designer jewellery and watches

The designer ring Colourfool from bKing shows that premium jewellery does not always have to be gold or silver: Its special design is characterised not only by its unusually colourful appearance but also by the high-quality and sturdy coating that allows even persons with metal allergies to wear the magical silver ring without having to fear an allergic reaction. Despite its reduced design, Colourfool is striking, versatile and suitable for lots of different occasions and outfits. You can find this unusual piece of jewellery from the workshop of jewellery and glass designer Bernadett King in the category Jewellery, watches & glasses.

And if you want to see even more examples of premium jewellery and stylish watches with design quality or are looking for an exclusive gift for someone special, then take a look in our category and let yourself be inspired by award-winning designer pieces.


Posted on 19.07.2016

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