Be the master of your day with an intelligent watch

Be the master of your day with an intelligent watch

Smartwatches are intelligent watches, which also have many other functions to make your daily tasks easier, besides just telling you the time as traditional watches used to do. Information, which you could only call up through your mobile phone, can now be received on your smartwatch via Bluetooth. While you leave your mobile phone in your trouser pocket, the email, which you have received, appears on the display of your watch. You are informed of the arrival of a Messenger message that you should reply to, through a vibration alert on yor wrist and the clever chronometer can also make you aware of an incoming call.

Aside from that, most of these digital all-rounders have various fitness functions. They include a step-counter, they can calculate the number of calories that you have burnt, measure your pulse rate and much more. Through all these, the original time measurement device has become an indespensible fitness tracker for active people. Additional attractions, such as GPS or the possibility to play music, increase the value of the watch and, with the several apps that are available, you can increase the number of functions that can be carried out by your device and adapt it to your personal requirements.


A smartwatch puts emphasis on elegance

As your wrist watch must be a stylish accessory to your outfit, it is often certainly not stylish, to decorate your wrist with a sporty watch. During the course of a sales discussion in Businesslook, a sporty watch looks just as out of place as at an evening in a concert hall. However, one who would not like to do without the overview on his or her wrist, can purchse a miltifunctional timepiece with classic designs. Red Dot 21 has searched around and has found a smartwatch, which has retained all the functions, in spite of looking great.

The Asus ZenWatch 3, is striking with its elegant design. At the first glance, it looks no different from a conventional wrist watch. Its case is made of finely worked stainless steel. The slightly convex glass makes touch inputs easier and the three operating buttons on the side provide you with quick access to various display modes. The intelligent ZenWatch 3 runs on the latest Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and has the Android Wear opearting system installed. This gives it problem-free compatiblity with other Android devices, from Android 4.2 onwards and with iOS devices from 8.2, as well. Besides being able to call up information, the extremely thin watch also acts as a fitness tracker through its new ZenFit app.

Asus ZenWatch 3
Asus ZenWatch 3


Intelligent watch with a premium design and exchangable leather straps

It has been possible, for a long time, to exchange the strap on many of the conventional wrist watches. This was meant to match your chronometer to your personal taste. Some of the modern timepieces, besides having the possibility of exchanging the straps also give you the option to design the dial according to your wishes, through an app. In this regard, Red Dot 21 would like to recommend to you the Urbane LTE watch from LG, in particular.

The Urbane Watch, with its classic stainless steel case and a black, real leather strap looks classy and luxurious. You can however exchange the strap to just what you want and the dial can also be personalised through an app.  Aside from its changeable appearance, the wrist watch from LG captivates you through its battery life of 1.5 days  and its weight of just 66.5 grams. You can control its functions through a simple hand movement or through voice commands. If you do not want to have your mobile phone with you while doing sports, the Urbane can connect you to your Android phone (compatibe from Android 4.3 onwards) via the cloud and by means of headphones. Of course, the modern watch also has various fitness options and GPS. It reminds you of your appointments and supports the reproduction of music.

LG LTE Watch
Urbane LTE Watch from LG


Information and activities – the perfect overview on your wrist

It is particularly in our fast-pased times, when the chase from one appointment to the other, makes you quickly lose the overview. This is also true for the coordination of our various activities. In order to not forget an appointment, you can either look at your appointment schedule every hour or you can rely on your smartwatch. Just prior to your appointment, you will not only receive a vibrating alert regarding the same, but you will also receive inportant information right on your wrist, such as a QR code. Red Dot 21 recommends the perfect overview to you, the SmartBandTalk, SmartWatch3 from Sony.

The Sony Mobile SWR50 has a smartphone-independent GPS function and music reproduction. It has AndroidWear installed and has 4 GB of storage. Through the Lifelog app, you can see photos, look at routes, see the number of steps taken, hear music and the see the other events of the day, at a single glance, in an overview, quickly on your wrist. Incoming Messenger messages and emails are displayed and you can reply to them through the voice control function. The SmartWatch 3 from Sony is the perfect accompaniment for the active, recreational sportsperson as well as for the busy businessman for the entire day.
Sony SmartWatch 3
SmartWatch3 from Sony


Making the youth future-ready with intelligent watches

The earlier that the youth begin to get familiar with the adults‘ world, the better it is for them. It is for this reason that you should introduce your children to the computer, the mobile phone and intelligent wateches, at an early age. The phrase „practice makes perfect“ from the play „William Tell“ by Friedrich Schiller has not lost its significance even today. Red Dot 21 has carefully examined the Smartwatch from AnGeer, which is meant for children.

The intelligent children’s watch from AnGeer offers children fun in their free time. If has the Whac-A-Mole game and allows the children to contact friends and relatives. In addition, it is fitted with a SOS button through which the child, who is in distress, can send a SMS to their parents“ mobile p0hone. Through the installed GPS function, the rescuers can easily locate the child. In order that your child does not make mischief, you have the possibility  to block unwanted contacts. Also, during lessons, the children’s Smartwatch from AnGeer can be switched to mute mode. You can order this amazing watch here.

Smartwatch Kinder
Smartwatch from AnGeer*


Many other intelligent watches, which help you organize yourself in everyday life, as well as classic watch models from renowned manufacturers and designers, can be found in our category watches.

Posted on 15.09.2017

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