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Innovative luggage for your summer holiday

When you fly to far-flung destinations, your luggage is obviously important. Because the airlines have different regulations, you should definitely consult the carry-on luggage sizes. Weight is also a decisive factor, because there is a limit on the maximum number of kilos you can take. The less the suitcase itself weighs, the more important things you can take with you. If your trolley case had a particularly rough time on your last vacation, it is worth buying a new one. There’s no doubt that it’s better to choose the right bag when you have time before you leave home than to frantically search for a replacement bag abroad.
Once you have inspected all your travel bags, cases and backpacks, it’s high time to check that your ID is still valid. A new ID card, passport or visa can take a while to process.

Good packing is half the battle

Once the big day has arrived and you can pack your suitcase, remember that organisation is vital. If you just stuff your T-shirts, trousers, skirts and blouses in a bag willy-nilly, your luggage will hold much less than if you carefully fold and layer your clothes inside. To keep track of all your travel accessories, it makes sense to use the individual compartments in the suitcase or backpack. While clothes and shoes can be stored in the large main compartment, your laptop and the accompanying accessories can be kept in the separate zipped compartment.

Your hand luggage should contain a change of underwear – in case you arrive at your holiday destination before your luggage does – and a few items to shorten the train or plane journey. A board for playing games, a book to read or a magazine with puzzles will soon while away the hours on your outbound journey. There is also space for your mobile phone in your carry-on luggage. You should have some snacks to hand and keep your ID and travel documents in the external compartment of the trolley case.

Your holiday starts at the airport

Neopulse Spinner von Samsonite

It’s not just hand luggage that is subject to airline luggage restrictions, your check-in bag cannot exceed the prescribed weight either. Excess weight is often the cause of significant additional expense, thus quickly leading to disagreements with the airline staff responsible. It goes without saying that bags to be transported in the hold also have to be especially durable and sturdy. Airport workers are not always gentle with the bags and cases when loading and unloading the aircraft. Red Dot 21 recommends an ideal travel companion:
Samsonite NeoPulse Spinner
The lightweight trolley case is available in five different colours. The retractable telescopic handle can be adjusted to five different heights, allowing small and tall passengers alike to manoeuvre the bag effortlessly. Additional handles on the sides and top make it easier to lift the case. Because the NeoPulse is a hard-shell case with reinforced corners, your clothes are guaranteed to be protected. You can purchase the Spinner 75 or the Spinner 55 online from our partners. The large Samsonite case has a volume of 94 litres, while the smaller one has 38. Both trolley cases are perfectly suited to long trips with a lot of luggage, as the manufacturer has paid attention to making the empty weight of the cases as light as possible.

Flights are not always for vacation

Bluesmart Trolley

Travelling is not always linked to leisure, with business people, managers and sales representatives also often travelling very long distances. Even if you are travelling within Germany, it is often advisable to choose a comfortable and relaxed flight over a stressful car journey. After all, if you arrive well-rested to your destination, you can get stuck in to your tasks refreshed and energised. All the more reason why a hassle-free time at the airport and luggage handling is especially important for business travellers. The Bluesmart trolley case with lock control and GPS tracking has shown itself to be an ideal carry-on case for frequent flyers. The contemporary trolley case is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, and can then be locked and unlocked via an app:
Bluesmart trolley case
If you don’t wish to use the manual function, simply choose the automatic function and the lock on your hand luggage will activate automatically as soon as you move away from the case, unlocking again when you return to the case. The Bluesmart travel bag is likewise thief-proof, as the integrated GPS can be used to track the bag at any time. The carry-on case also features little extras that make travelling a more pleasant experience. For example, an integrated scales displays the overall weight of the carry-on bag on your mobile phone and helps to avoid any excess weight. The battery charger charges your laptop, tablet or mobile phone during the flight via the integrated USB connection, so they can be used for several hours. You can buy the practical trolley case from Bluesmart online at Red Dot 21 from our partners:

Stress-free long-haul travelling

Track Jack collection

Not only does long-distance travel take you far away from home, it generally takes longer and needs to be planned carefully as a result. After all, the traveller needs to be equipped for every eventuality, but can only take a limited amount of luggage. This is why seasoned travellers choose well thought through, light luggage with lots of storage space and a low empty weight. Red Dot 21 recommends the Track Jack luggage set for long-distance travels. It’s available online from our partners and is ideal for globetrotters:
Track Jack luggage set
The Crumpler travel bags and backpacks are manufactured to be particularly sturdy. They are made from a special nylon weave that makes them resilient, tear-resistant and waterproof. Each individual piece of luggage from the Track Jack collection is testament to the manufacturer’s dedication to the development of bags since 1995. Every detail is painstakingly developed and fit for purpose. Numerous additional compartments help to keep things tidy, even in the “small” day pack. The Crumpler luggage set has the right bag or backpack for every occasion. The large Trolley L has a volume of 110 litres, making it the ideal check-in bag. The 40-litre Board Backpack or the flat Track Jack Board Case with a volume of 50 litres are suitable as carry-on luggage. The Barrel Backpack and the Day Backpack can be used for day trips at your holiday destination or a city day trip.

Light travel bags for relaxed travel to your holiday destination

Wherever your destination and whether travelling for work or pleasure, if you want to get there energised and well-rested, you should always use the right luggage. It is important that the case or bag weighs as little as possible when empty so that you can take a lot with you. A large compartment is essential, ideally divided into different compartments. And of course all bags should be sturdy and rainproof.
If you want to buy a new trolley case or travel bag for your summer vacation, why not use the Red Dot logo as a guide? It tells you that the product has won a Red Dot. The items are assessed and awarded by an independent jury if they display convincing outstanding design.

Posted on 02.06.2017

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