High-end audio products as gifts

High-end audio products as gifts

Sound and surround systems, speakers, portable digital players and many more give you the unadulterated pleasure of listening to music. This is now possible both at home and while you are on the way. There are many high-end audio products of excellent quality manufactured by well-known manufacturers available in the market, which can cater to every taste. Long before the Christmas shopping season, new models have already taken over the market with their fully developed sound technology and they are also attracting sophisticated sound lovers with their excellent reproduction quality. It is however the portable audio products that are the clear winners amongst these new products. These include, for example, high-end audio systems, which upgrade even the best headphones and promise you unparalleled enjoyment of music.

In the following, we give you an overview of the high-class audio Astell & Kern products, which will certainly make the hearts of music lovers beat faster this Christmas.


High-end audio products by Iriver: Astell & Kern from South Korea

Astell & Kern is the premier brand of the Seoul-based South Korean company, Iriver Ltd. This company is considered to be the force behind the MP3 player movement, right from 1990. It is positioned in the high-end range and the audio products from Astell & Kern, which are constructed of high-class materials, promise you a luxurious configuration and perfect sound. These features have been the trademark of the relatively higher-priced models of Astell & Kern up to the now and due to that, have been a byword for audiophiles for a long time. From 2014, the company has been collaborating with the headphone company, Beyerdynamic, and has been selling their over-ear and in-ear headphones in the audio market through their common label. The brand has regularly received the best ratings from several online portals as well as from well-known magazines, especially for their portable music players.


The ultimate Bluetooth music experience when on the way

For the pleasure of listening to music when you are mobile, the Korean specialist has developed a new headphone amplifier. This amplifier transmits music via Bluetooth. The AK XB 10 weighs just 25 gm and has the size of a 2 Euro coin. It fits easily in all trouser pockets but can also be easily attached to your T-shirt, collar or bracelet by means of the clip that is delivered along with it. Due to this, it is well-suited for all those who love to do sports. The AK XB 10 is fitted with an aptX HD chip from Qualcomm and is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. The new aptX ™ HD technology, which has been utilised, makes it possible to transmit audio signals from 24 Bit HD with up to 48 kHz. Its battery provides you with just about five hours of continuous listening pleasure. It received an award at this year’s Red Dot Award: Product Design for its excellent sound and its stunningly designed operating interface.

AK XB 10


A second generation, high-end mobile audio system

Not only fans of music but lovers of design and feel too, will get their money’s worth with the successor to the AK 120 model, namely the AK 120 II. In 2015, the design of the player, which has a sleek and high-grade aluminium housing, was awarded at the International Design Contest. Its finish is perfect and encases beautifully the glass surface of the display, which is at the front of the player.

The knurled volume wheel, which has grown to become an identification mark for Astell & Kern, continues to be used in the AK 120 II and is located in a tight recess. It is not only the headphones but also other available Hi-Fi devices which can be networked through the upgraded technology – whether in your car or at home. This can be done symmetrically through the cinch cable, WLAN or Bluetooth. Through the new AK Connect firmware, it is now possible to integrate the AK 120 II wirelessly with any network. In this way, you can, for example, upload files to the player from your hard disc, or stream the music from your network at home to the player in the reverse direction. Through the AK Connect app for iOS and Android for your smartphone or tablet, the player can even be controlled remotely while it is fitted in the docking station in your home. It just cannot get any easier than that.

AK 120 II


A small audio player with a great effect

The AK Junior is the smallest audio player in the AK family. It has already shown how new dimensions in sound can be taken to the limit even in the smallest of spaces. With its housing thickness of just one centimetre, its design is much smaller and lighter than other comparable high-resolution players. Its housing is made of aluminium and the back is made of carbon fibre and glass. The Junior has a 3.1 cm touch screen and can be very easily operated. Anyone who is looking for a super-thin, high-end audio product is well served with this model.

The AK Junior plays all the commonly available audio formats all the way from MP3 to the high-resolution 24 bit/DSD files. Through its short distance radio link, it can also make its content available to mobile Bluetooth speakers and can also be integrated as a USB-DAC or as a player directly into your home environment. Through the AK Junior, Iriver has created a future-proof concept player, which is also sound-wise highly technologically advanced. In 2015, the well-known magazine “What Hi-Fi” awarded the AK Junior the “Best Player of the Year” prize and at the Red Dot Design Award, it was rewarded with the coveted quality seal, Red Dot.

AK Junior


You will find many more audio products with stylish designs, which you can use as presents, in our Consumer electronics category. We wish you have lots of fun while looking around and in presenting them.

Posted on 18.12.2017

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