Healthy sleep with the right bed to feel comfortable

Healthy sleep with the right bed to feel comfortable

It is for this reason that the furnishings of the bedroom should not only be to our personal taste, they should also invite us to allow our souls to be at peace. With the right furniture, the appropriate lighting and just a few decorative pieces, you can create your own oasis of calm. Plan with care, get adequate information in advance and let yourself be inspired by the various furnishing options that are available.

The right bed for healthy sleep

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom and it is its centrepiece as well. It is what gives you relaxing sleep and also catches the eye of anyone who enters the bedroom. It should meet your own particular requirements, have enough space and should also last for many years, in the best case.

When buying a suitable bed, it is important to keep some important points in mind:

  • The size of the bed: Whether it should be a single or a double bed, naturally depends on whether you generally sleep alone or with someone else and on your own height, as well. However, in any case you should have enough space so that you do not feel cramped. The recommended values are your own height plus at least 20 cm. The standard length of a bed is 200 cm and the width should be 80 cm per person, at least. You should never undershoot this, it is preferable to have 90 or even 100 cm per person.
  • The available space in the bedroom: In order to determine what the maximum size of the bed should be, you will need to measure the space available for the bed. First ask yourself, which wall the bed will stand against. If the wall that you have selected permits the placement, but undershoots the recommended values for your height, you should choose another location for it.
  • The type of bed: When making a decision on this, the most important factors are the bed frame or the bedstead and their respective heights off the floor. The standard height lies between 40 and 50 cm. However, there are lower beds and higher beds as well, which have a height of over 50 cm. You can decide between classic bed frames with a slatted frame, an upholstered bed, a futon, a bed with various functions or a box-spring bed. However, please take care that the mattress gets enough ventilation from all sides so that mites and moulds are prevented.
  • The material the bed is made of: Which material the bed frame consists of, or should be made of, depends on your own personal, aesthetic taste and your own style of living. It really does not matter whether you want to furnish your bedroom in a romantic country home style, in a restrained Scandinavian style, in a retro look, in a classy colonial style, in oriental style, in a near-natural style or in a modern style; there are different materials that are available such as metal, rattan, leather, fabric upholstery or wood, which will certainly satisfy you.

Design bed “Brunhilde” made of solid wood*

  • The mattress: It must primarily promote healthy sleep. It should also allow you to lie comfortably and should support your body gently so that your bones and muscles can relax. What degree of hardness it should have, depends on your body weight, amongst others. The general degrees of hardness that manufacturers normally provide can be subdivided into five classes. Degree of hardness 1 is suitable for people with a bodyweight of up to 65 kg and degree of hardness 5 is suitable for those above 120 kg. As a general rule: The taller and the heavier the person is, the harder the mattress should be. But, your personal sleeping habits also play a decisive role. So, people who sleep on their side, should take care that their shoulder and pelvis should sink deep enough so that the spine is in a straight line.

Mattress from Brookly Bedding

The best place for your bed – orientation according to Feng Shui

You want to find the best location for your bed? Then, you can let yourself be inspired by the basic rules of orientation according to the principles of Feng Shui. The bed should be oriented according to the “turtle principle” (= the shield at the back); the headboard should be placed against a protective wall and never under a window. The wall should be solid and, if possible, should not be adjacent to the kitchen or bathroom as electric and water lines could disturb your night’s rest. No large picture frames or shelves should be mounted on the wall behind the headboard, as they could scare you in your subconscious mind. Ideally, you should be able to see the door and window from your place on the bed – that takes care of the human basic requirement for safety.

They have to be cuddly and comfortable: duvets and pillows

Aside from the bed frame and a mattress, a glamourous duvet that keeps you nice and warm and a pillow that supports your head are essential elements of a comfortable bed. The right duvets, which are suitable for the respective seasons depending on the materials they are made of, are available to take care of your particular preferences. The material of its composition defines whether the duvet keeps you warm and how well it conducts away the heat generated by your body and the moisture, too. The filling materials that are most often used are down feathers, other feathers, synthetic materials, cotton and other kinds of wool such as new wool that is generally suitable for winter. As opposed to those, duvets made of silk are better suited for summer because they are comfortably light and keep your body cool when you are sleeping.

Eiderdown from Hanskruchen*

When looking for the right pillow, the same rules that apply to the selection of the bed and the mattress are applicable here, as well. There are countless variants in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials, which are suitable for different needs and requirements. Ask yourself first, in which position do you sleep most often? Thicker pillows, which keep the neck and the spine in a straight line, are better suited for those who sleep on their side. People who sleep on their back should choose a thinner pillow to stabilise the nape of the neck optimally.

Please observe the following rules of the thumb:

  • If you have broad shoulders and sleep on a very hard mattress, the pillow should be thicker than in the case your shoulders are narrow or if the mattress is softer.
  • If you have a long neck, it then depends more on the pillow retaining its shape than on the thickness of the pillow. Special pillows that support the neck are better for you.

It all depends on the right pillow fill material

The classic amongst the pillow fill materials is still down feathers or other feathers, just as in the case of duvets, because it is soft and cuddly and shapes itself according to your needs.
Due to the fact that more and more people are suffering from neck pain and muscular tension, neck support pillows are becoming very popular nowadays. They have a stabilising effect. The interior consists of either latex or an elastic foam material. People who are allergic are using microfiber pillows, which consist of 100% polyester, to an ever larger extent. These pillows have the advantage that they are easy to clean – generally, they can be washed at up to 60 degrees. That kills all the allergens and mites. Another trend that also characterises the furniture sector is the trend to nature. Many people now want natural fill materials such as water, spelt, millet or herbs; they are supposed to help in going to sleep.


Eiderdown pillow*

Bed linen to add style to the bedroom

The bed should be the centrepiece of the bedroom in the best possible way. In order to do that, you can make use of good-looking bed linen that will underline your style of furnishing perfectly. First of all, it is the material that makes you feel good while sleeping. It must feel good on your skin and be suited to the respective season. The commonly available bedsheets have different properties and display their respective advantages when you use them correctly.

  • Beaver cloth, flannel and terry cloth keep you cuddly warm in winter.
  • Microfabrics and seersucker are particularly suitable for the warm season. Seersucker can circulate air well. Maco satin is particularly absorbent.
  • Maco satin, jersey and lawn are especially durable materials.
  • Silk and shiny satin look classy and have a cooling effect.

After selecting the size and the material for your bed linen, the selection of the colours and patterns follows. Here, you have no limits set on you: Whether simple, single-coloured, bright or with colourful patterns.


Bedding from mulberry silk*

However, it is not only new and exclusive bed linen that introduces new zest into your bedroom. You can also work with new and exclusive bedcovers that will allow you to continue to make use of your old bed linen that has been with you for many years or has started showing signs of use. Glamourous bedcovers can give your bed a totally new look.

Blanket in fur optics*

However, you can find suitable pieces of furniture for your bedroom right now in our “Living & bedroom furniture” category at Red Dot 21. Have fun while rummaging.

Posted on 07.08.2017

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