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Healthy living: cooking fresh food with stylish kitchen accessories

After all, there are plenty of dishes that taste delicious and are made from fresh ingredients yet don’t take a lot of time to prepare. If you design your kitchen in a modern and functional way, you will find that cooking is more and more fun. It’s not always the major, technically advanced kitchen appliances that contribute to a contemporary kitchen setting. It is the small, functional yet stylish kitchen accessories in particular that make cooking so much more enjoyable.

Healthy and fresh ingredients with a crispy salad

Every balanced meal should contain vitamins. These are an essential part of our diet and are contained in vegetables, fruit and lettuce among other things. Consequently, a tasty side salad is a valuable addition to any meal. To make the nutritious raw food taste especially delicious, it is washed and a dressing is then added. Unfortunately, often so much water remains on the lettuce after washing it under the tap that it then waters down the carefully prepared salad dressing. Use the Turboline salad spinner from EMSA to dry the lettuce and lay the clean salad leaves in the strainer. The strainer goes in the bowl and the lid goes on top. Pulling two or three times on the cord and pressing the turbo button makes the strainer rotate, and the lettuce is carefully spun dry in an instant. You can use the stop button to stop the rotating movement, while the opening integrated in the lid can be used to strain off the excess water. The tasteful stainless steel bowl not only features a rubber base that ensures the bowl sits steadily but is also perfect for serving. As a result, no modern kitchen should be without the practical Turboline salad spinner from EMSA.

Turboline salad spinner from EMSA

Added zest: freshly squeezed lemon juice

If you want to add more than just oil and vinegar to your salad dressing, you can use lemon juice as an alternative to refine your vitamin-rich fresh side salad. It goes without saying that freshly squeezed lemon juice is not only healthier but also more environmentally friendly. After all, it saves the production of the yellow plastic lemon. To allow everyone to choose their own level of acidity for their salad, simply place an organic lemon with a hand juicer on the table instead of the usual arrangement with oil and vinegar. For example, you could use the Callista lemon squeezer from Blomus. The attractively designed table accessory from polished stainless steel will win you over with its puristic design. It is fair to call the Callista lemon squeezer from Blomus a visual highlight for any dining table. The no-fuss squeezer can be used to squeeze citrus fruits, which are high in vitamin C, quickly and easily. Gentle pressure on the upper part is sufficient to press the juice from the halved lemon into the lower part. When you pour the juice, you will notice that the juice is clear and free from any bothersome pulp. This is an elegant, powerful hand juicer that will increase your enjoyment of healthy food with its refreshing design.

Callista lemon squeezer from Blomus

Healthy living: home-grown tastes better

For a healthy living you should use fresh vegetables or herbs from home-grown. In general, everything we plant for ourselves usually serve better than the food from the supermarket. Isn’t it true that homemade cake tastes better than from the bakery and that homemade jam is fruitier than bought jam? It is exactly the same for home-grown herbs. If you grow your own herbs, you know with certainty that they are grown without chemical fertilisers and you will always have a few fresh leaves to hand. The miniature greenhouse from Emsa is a particularly decorative herb pot for your kitchen window sill.

The Emsa Fresh Herbs Grow herb pot boasts a streamlined and attractive design and a cleverly put-together irrigation system. With the help of the enclosed basil seeds, you can either grow the herb for your next tomato salad from seed or you can buy a little herb plant and put it in the pot. A decorative flower in the bell jar ensures that the roots have adequate ventilation. To prevent the sensitive young plant from drying out or from overwatering, the miniature greenhouse uses the Aqua Comfort watering system. This is an irrigation wick inserted in the soil. The outer pot, which stands on a water container, has a practical hole for watering. Once the water-level indicator, a decorative flower, floats upward, the soil is moist enough. When the flower drops down, it’s time to water. There is no easier way of watering potted flowers. Of course, the stylish herb pot is made from UV-resistant and sturdy material.

Emsa Fresh Herbs Grow

Pay attention to tasteful design, because presentation is also important

A prettily laid table with decorative kitchen and table accessories can even win over the most reluctant eater, as we all know that food presentation is also important. Couch potatoes get annoyed about having to go jogging. Food lovers find it hard to diet, and those who love chips and greasy foods are often not convinced by nutritious raw foods. This makes it all the more important to get them excited about healthy food. The table should be prettily set and the ingredients should be carefully selected for the meal. In our  Kitchen accesories & tableware section, you will find lots of products that have won the sought-after Red Dot. When awarding the title, the jury members ensure that the articles are convincing in their unusual design and are also fit for purpose. Choose a design product that has won a Red Dot, and be bowled over by a stylish kitchen accessory that will make you hungry for healthy food, thus contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

Posted on 13.06.2017

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